Natural Honey. The Best Ally For The Well-being Of Your Family

Without a doubt, honey contains medicinal properties that help improve health. Here you will discover some of its great benefits that you surely did not know about.

On one occasion, my husband came home with two jars of honey. He told me that he had obtained it in a nearby town at a very low cost and that it was 100% pure. I told him that we hardly consumed honey and that it would last a long time; I even went so far as to complain to him why he was spending money in that way. However, I already had two large jars of honey so I set about investigating its benefits, uses, properties and more.

I found that among its many benefits, honey is used to make masks for the face, as an exfoliator for the hands and feet, to nourish the hair and also strengthen health by helping to prevent diseases, such as colds. The misconception that honey is fattening was also taken away from me and I discovered that it has been used by humanity since ancient times, not only to prevent diseases but as a home remedy to heal a burn or in rituals to attract good luck.

So get to work! We are going to use honey as part of our daily life and for that, let me give you some tips for its use.

1. Deep facial cleansing

There are many ways to make masks to hydrate, firm, fade fine lines or exfoliate your face, so you decide which one to prepare. You can put it on your face and let its natural moisturizing properties act on the skin and if you add a little lemon, you will remove excess oil and pimples from the nose. If you also add milk, you will eliminate dryness and for a deep cleaning, add sugar and massage your face to achieve a deep exfoliation.

2. Elimination of toxins in the body

Drinking water and honey on an empty stomach is ideal for the elimination of waste accumulated by the body. In addition, it helps fight constipation, prevent high cholesterol, and adding lemon juice will help you burn fat and improve the urinary system. It also strengthens the heart because it contains enzymes, vitamins and minerals that help eliminate bad bacteria and, if that were not enough, it acts as a natural antibiotic helping to prevent colds and soothe a sore throat. But its most surprising effect is that it helps you lose weight, because it provides a healthy source of calories that the body requires.

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3. Hand and foot exfoliation

Mix the honey with sugar, baking soda, and olive oil. Rub your feet and hands for a good exfoliation; This cleaning will help you relax, hydrate, remove dead cells and remove calluses.

4. Home remedies

Honey helps you relieve pain from any type of mild burn, as it is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It also helps eliminate intestinal parasites by adding vinegar. It is also excellent to promote a restful sleep, since with a little orange juice, the stress level is reduced and you can rest better.

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5. Popular culture and money

Popular and traditional millenary culture dictates that you put honey in a jar, tie it with a red ribbon and then add ten coins, all to attract good fortune to your home. Another popular use is to mix honey and fresh mint, separate them into seven earthenware containers, and leave them throughout your home. As they say, by doing it the first days of each month, good fortune will live in your home.

Now you know some of the great benefits of honey, so do not hesitate to include it in your diet, as a home remedy and to improve your skin on the face, hands and feet. Without a doubt, by changing your eating habits and including honey daily, it will help you feel good, inside and out.

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