Narco Soap Operas Don’t Entertain, But They Do Harm

Narconovelas are current Latin American programs. If you are one of those parents who are concerned about what their children may see, this article will give you some helpful guidelines to keep your family away from this type of program.

It cannot be denied that many television programs are not educational and do not serve as healthy entertainment for the family. And it is that Latin American television is impregnated with various influences, thanks to a process of internationalization. Not that this is bad; but the offer in optimal programming is limited. A clear example is the so-called “narconovelas”, productions that describe the lives of fictional characters, sometimes based on real people, who engaged in crime and licentious actions. These programs, in general, are broadcast at restricted hours, but now many channels broadcast them at different times, so they are available to our children.

Narco-soap operas are not appropriate not only for their content, but because they convey a violent concept of the reality and situation of a country, which perhaps exists, and because with “pretty” names they leave a legacy available to children and young adults erroneous of the culture and idiosyncrasy of a country that is not the reality of all the inhabitants of a place. On the other hand, they DO NOT TEACH ANYTHING POSITIVE, and their first and last goals are to make money.

Despite all these circumstances, we cannot deny the conditions of Latin American society; But what we can do is promote pleasant situations in the environment in which our children grow up, that help them to form with solid values ​​and that, in the long run, in their adult life, allow them to be prosperous, achieve happiness and be ready to serve their neighbor.

Thinking about this, I present some guidelines that you can gather to replace some moments that your children may spend in front of the television, with activities that educate them in an entertaining way:

  • After school and homework, __ let’s get to work! arm PUZZLE. This activity benefits concentration, amuses and helps children to focus attention, observation and analysis skills –among other skills–, which will help them in their school performance and in their adult life.
  • Ready to read! The only way we develop a love for reading is through reading. Perhaps it is an activity that you already carry out, but, if not, designate a few days a week so that before bedtime you read to your children some short stories or stories that you invent yourself; this activity helps them develop their imaginations.
  • Watch television under supervision. Today there is the channel blocking tool, which you can use in case you are absent from home for a long time, and take care that your children are left in the care of a babysitter or alone for short periods of time. With this you can restrict the programs or channels that you DO NOT want your children to have access to.
  • In the case of teenage children, it is a little more difficult to maintain “control”. Here it is possible to make use of different board games that promote family bonding, the teaching of young people and that generate interest in group activities, which will result in the better development of their social skills.
  • Encourage your teens or young adults to bring their friends home. In this way, you will not only know who your children live with in the neighborhood or at school, but, indirectly, you will indicate that they can trust you.
  • Always speak the truth. At some point in life your children will “open their eyes” to the world around them. It is not good to lock them in a “glass cage”, or in other words, overprotect them. On the contrary, it is good to protect them, but not to the point that they do not know how to distinguish between good and bad friendships, and that this generates problems that truncate the successful path to which every human being is destined. Answer every question they ask you honestly, because kids – you could say – have radar to detect adult fear. It is better for your progeny to quell their curiosity about the world around them under your roof than by experiencing difficult situations outside.

The reality of our Latin American countries is something that we cannot control. Despite this, there are countless families that have managed to raise children with excellent values ​​that, in the long run, show their parents that they have done a successful job. YOU AND YOURS do not have to be the exception.

I do not question that television cannot be healthy, entertaining and even educational; Still, our children deserve every chance to be happy and healthy in mind and body until they reach adulthood. The possibilities of keeping them away from a harmful social environment are endless, and they range from those that I exposed before to those that you can execute from your possibilities. Today’s invitation is for you to stand firm in raising your children and, together with them, to fight to be happy despite the situations that surround them.

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