Myths And Facts About Marijuana. How Can It Affect Your Family?

Marijuana appears to be an innocent green plant, but is it? Find out about the facts and data of said plant. Marijuana: How Can It Affect Your Family?

Television and movies demonstrate the dangers of using drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. However, when they do show someone using marijuana, the same effects or consequences are rarely seen, it is simply shown as something maybe not good, but in no way that bad. Now, while it is true that both cocaine and heroin – among other synthetic drugs – are much more potent and bring more immediate negative consequences, that does not imply that marijuana is free of consequences and warnings.

There are many misconceptions about marijuana and its uses. I am not talking about when it is used for medicinal purposes, but what is consumed thinking that it does not harm our body or our ability to quit when we want. Here are some data to inform you well about this plant that, innocently, has quite little:

1. It is the gateway to other drugs

In English, marijuana is known as the gateway drug , which literally means “the drug that gives entry to …” This means that very few people – I still need to know one – are satisfied with smoking marijuana. Most seek more powerful experiences and start using other drugs; In other words, consuming marijuana takes away the fear of experimenting with other much more dangerous drugs.

2. Affects your brain permanently

It is a scientific fact that marijuana affects the brain. Now, it is important to make a distinction: marijuana affects adolescents much more and more immediately, since during this period the brain is developing in an extraordinary way and all these functions are delayed by the drug; in adults the effects take longer, but little by little it affects the frontal lobe, their memory, concentration, the ability to learn and to deal with emotions, and so on.

3. Create addiction

Contrary to popular opinion, using marijuana frequently creates an addiction like any other substance that is harmful to the body. It has been said that addiction is more psychological than physical, as is the case with addiction to cocaine, but for this reason it is also more difficult to defeat, since it requires the brain to change and repair the damage that has occurred.

4. It is associated with dangerous acts

Given the fact that marijuana affects your ability to exercise good judgment, then it is not surprising that most people – I have known exceptions to this case, especially when they have children – who use marijuana are associated with crime, gambling , promiscuity, car accidents, job loss, divorce, and so on.

5. It prevents you from having emotional maturity

Like any other addiction, having one is a way of dealing with emotions that you want to ignore and if this habit developed in adolescence, basic skills to deal with them were not learned. In this way, having an emotional maturity is practically impossible, since the more you use it, the more it affects the part of your brain that makes this possible, and while you use it you don’t have the “need” to learn how to do it, since you have the drug that makes you “forget” everything.

Of course, this article does not exhaust the subject. I hope, however, that it has become clear that marijuana is not an innocent drug that does not cause any harm to the person who uses it. It is time to speak openly about reality, and put aside the idea that marijuana is the happy drug, it is true that it brings many emotions, but happiness is not one of them.

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