My Son Finished His Degree And Can’t Find A Job, How Can I Help Him?

When a son finishes a race, within us there are inexplicable sensations due to the great pride that causes us to see it accomplished. If this is your case and it distresses you to see that, despite his potential and effort, he cannot find work, keep reading.

When a son finishes a race, inside us there are inexplicable sensations due to the great pride that causes us to see them fulfilled. But after the graduation party, after passing all the exams and finally receiving the professional degree, another great challenge comes: to get a job.

We know that it is not easy to enter the world of work, the situations in all corners of the planet are very similar, full of crises and with few opportunities for recent graduates. The role of parents remains critical at this stage in a student’s life.

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Why do we say this? Good, because surely not finding the job desired by a graduate begins to cause stress, disagreement, despair and thousands of ideas go around in his head while they send resumes to all the companies they can. If your child is in this situation, here are some tips to help him:

1. Comprehension

The first duty of a parent is to understand it. Maybe at your age you already had a job or even a family, but there are many factors that make jobs not available around the corner in these times.

2. Do not press

Following this line: do not press them. While we should not allow them to be around the house doing nothing all our lives, we cannot put ourselves in a very strict role either. As already mentioned, not finding a job causes unimaginable stress and the need for independence and generating your own income is surely great for your child. He thinks that he has enough with all this going around in his head, so that apart from everything his parents insist and press that he has not found anything yet.

3. Don’t look for a job for him

Another way to pressure him is by wanting to find him a job, like his parents, and say phrases like: “Hey! I saw that in such a company they are applying for someone like you, you should go see.” Many times these kinds of things are mentioned for helping, but when they become constant or turn into phrases like: “If you sent your CV, right?” or «Have you already dialed? Just sending one email won’t get you a job, ”it can be too annoying for them.

4. Understand that things are no longer the same as in your times

All of this brings us to a very important point. As we already mentioned, jobs are not obtained in the same way as some years ago, the methods have changed and most of the things are obtained through the Internet and through Recruitment 2.0, what is this? That companies recruit through the famous social networks. They post vacancies on specialized pages that can be viewed from a cell phone. So be very patient, maybe your son or daughter is not just chatting with their friends, they are most likely trying to get a job.

As you can see, your unconditional support is an important variable for your child. Your words may motivate her to keep looking for her dream job or be demotivating her to the point that she ends up doing something she doesn’t like at all.

Finally, it is very important to have good communication so that he tells you about his plans, what he is looking for in a job and in which job he would feel full. With all these points gathered, together you can find the solution and the ideal job so that little by little you will have confidence, manage to fend for yourself and can become independent.

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