“my Nightmare Continues,” Says Shakira, Postponing Her World Tour Due To A Serious Health Problem

Her fans fear that the artist will not be able to sing again. What is affecting her health?

Shakira is going through her best professional and personal moment. Every song he releases is a success and this translates into a life full of professional commitments. Now, the artist had to slow down the pace of work because her health is not quite right, and her work weapon – her voice – is affected.

According to People, the Colombian singer postponed her El Dorado World Tour until 2018 because she suffered a hemorrhage in her right vocal cord in recent days. In recent weeks she had already canceled a few dates claiming that she should give her vocal cords a break. But the final alarm came when a hemorrhage announced that he should take it too seriously. Thus, he published on his Instagram account the news that he was canceling the shows for the rest of the year.

The message for his fans

Shakira turns to her fans in a letter dedicated to them on her Instagram account where she explains why she is canceling her tour and in what state her health is. For the artist, who is number 1 in the world, the decision to postpone her tour is very difficult. Her words say:

For my friends and fans:

For the past five months, I have devoted myself entirely to preparing my El Dorado world tour. However, these last days, just before my first concerts, have been the most difficult of my career. At the end of July I went for a routine checkup before starting to design this tour, and my doctor confirmed that my vocal cords were in perfect condition.

However, towards the end of October, in the final stretch of my rehearsals, I felt a strange hoarseness that impeded my singing. The doctors, at the time of the examination, detected that he had suffered a hemorrhage in the right vocal cord. Then I took a specialist vocal break in an attempt to recover in time for my first show in Cologne. Unfortunately, the bleeding doesn’t seem to be reabsorbed, and my nightmare continues. Right now I am in a difficult battle while trying to fully recover.

It hurts me not to be able to sing this month, because they have even done the impossible to get tickets and have accompanied me throughout the different countries of Europe. To my team of more than 60 people who have worked day and night until the last day to help me put together the best show of my artistic career, and who, like me, are eager to start this tour. For my children who were excited to see their mother in concert ASAP. And, above all, from my fans, who have always stood by me through the good and the bad, and who deserve the best of me.

In all the years that I have been singing, I have never faced a situation like this. As such, and with a heavy heart, I must announce that I feel compelled to postpone my European tour until 2018, to allow my body several necessary weeks, dedicated to my full recovery.

Thank you to my fans around the world for your understanding and loyalty, for all the encouraging messages and affections you have conveyed to me, and for your prayers. I hope to overcome this difficult test and return to the stage as soon as possible, to once again hear their voices singing along with mine. I love you all very much and I will always remember those who were by my side during this time, offering them their friendship and affection. Shakira

The messages from her fans did not wait and her account was filled with wishes for a speedy recovery and support for the difficult time the singer is going through.

What is a vocal cord hemorrhage

According to the BBC, and according to the American laryngologist Steven M. Zeitels, from the Voice Center of the Massachusets General Hospital, injury to the vocal cords is usually common among people who are dedicated to professional singing due to the specific and constant use that they must do the voice. The professional has cared for famous singers with the same problem that Shakira is experiencing, such as artist Adele, Lionel Richie, Steven Tyler, Aerosmith frontman, British pop star Sam Smith and country singer Keith Urban.

The specialist explained that bleeding in any of the vocal cords occurs when there are malformed blood vessels, which have varicose veins that break and do not regenerate properly. Also, he warned that in many cases patients do not suffer pain and that is why the injury can become more cumulative and more serious.


As Shakira explained, one of the symptoms is hoarseness in the voice. Sudden changes in the voice do not occur only with exertion, such as singing, but can happen simply when speaking.

According to the United States Library of Medicine, many of our daily habits can affect the vocal cords. Talking too much, singing, yelling and having professions that necessarily have to talk a lot, can cause the vocal cords to begin to injure.

Symptoms that the voice is not healthy can be:

  • Hoarsely

  • Loss of the ability to hit high notes when singing

  • Deeper or lower voice

  • Habitual sore throat

  • Daily effort to speak

Rest your voice

What many artists do to cancel their concerts in the face of impending vocal problems is a primary attempt to minimize the consequences of vocal cord injuries. Rest is essential, and although many cases require specific treatment or surgery, in other cases with a simple rest the vocal cords can function properly again.

International tours represent a tremendous challenge for artists, who constantly test the endurance of their vocal cords. The good news is waiting, and if we want Shakira for a while, we must let her voice rest so that she continues to delight us with her music for many more years.

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