My Husband Is Pregnant! And Now What Do I Do?

Is your husband showing any pregnancy symptoms? Then it is time to pay attention, because apparently you are developing Couvade Syndrome.

Some time ago, a 29-year-old English man made the front page of many of the UK newspapers for suffering from a series of symptoms that together are unusual in a man: nausea, cravings, weight gain and breast enlargement. The reason? His wife was pregnant and he was suffering from all the symptoms.

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Seeing that the symptoms did not diminish and even hindered the normal development of his activities, he decided to go to a medical check-up, where they extended a leave (rest) for a few weeks, as he was suffering from Couvade Syndrome. But what does this syndrome consist of? All the questions that you have in mind at this moment, you can answer them below:


The first thing you should know is that this syndrome got its name from the French word “couver”, which means to hatch or raise.

It’s not just psychological

Although, we can cross out all the symptoms as those of a phantom pregnancy, you should know that this is not the case. It is estimated that between 10% and 65% of men who will become fathers suffer from it, and the changes do not occur only on a psychological level, but also on a hormonal level. Studies have shown that in men who “suffer” the sweet wait, increased prolactin and cortisol influence these symptoms to appear.

Physical ailments exist

Some men often complain of severe toothaches, to the point of asking for teeth to be removed. Others gain weight, pass out, or even vomit after smells. It should be noted that these discomforts end with the delivery of their wives.

But what is behind all those symptoms? I invite you to read the curious reasons behind these continuous discomforts:

1. Jealousy

Many men, unconsciously, see pregnancy as a deviation from the attention they usually receive from their partner, so they begin to manifest some symptoms as a slight wake-up call. You should know that in no case is this done rationally.

2. Fears

Many men, upon learning that they will soon be fathers, begin to question everything. The economy, affective capacities, the level of commitment and many other points that lead to the development of Couvade syndrome.

3. Rejection of sex

There are many people who believe that sexual relations can harm the unborn baby. For this reason, it is important for the father to participate actively in the development of the pregnancy, because in this way he will know that unless the treating doctor indicates it, there is no problem in having intimate encounters with the couple.

Can the symptoms be improved?

Of course, the key to doing so is that the future father feels an active and important part of the pregnancy, looking for instances where he can face his fears without criticism, but as a way to support each other in the sweet wait. They can also have long conversations regarding the expectations of each one, and even if necessary, seek professional guidance regarding the changes that may occur when the baby arrives in their lives.

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