‘mujeres Que Mueven México’, A Program That Inspires Women To Move The World; Why Like This… We Can All

CREA, an idea that will inspire and change your life.

What stops us

Many women throughout Latin America suffer from incredible challenges that make them vulnerable, and survival becomes almost impossible to achieve in many cases.

Without the necessary tools to get ahead alone, or with your children, falling into domestic violence or extreme poverty or in non-dignifying jobs, it is something that happens more times than we would like.

Absence of education

Although literacy has increased dramatically in our countries, even so, the percentage of women who have the opportunity to access a secondary, tertiary or university education is still lower than that of men.

This directly influences the chances that women can get ahead alone or as a family.

Domestic violence

According to PRB (Inform, Empower, Advance), domestic violence continues to be one of the factors that most controls or stops the advancement of women despite the laws that have been enacted in defense of their rights, in at least 30 countries, including the Caribbean.

According to the same report, between 10 and 50 percent of women, depending on the country in which they live, have been victims of domestic violence at least once in their lives.

Why we can’t seem to change it

The lack of resources, of support programs, fear, the lack of information about our rights, the fear of not being able to continue alone because we do not have the tools we need stop us.

What Makes Women Move To Mexico

An extraordinary program created by CREA and Aeroméxico based on two simple concepts, but at the same time complex, due to the necessity of their existence, so that a result can be seen.

The program shares knowledge and encourages simple women to reach a potential that was previously totally unknown to them.

CREADORA is based on providing women with useful tools or information to start a project that definitely changes their lives.

Not just for single women

This type of initiative leads women to contribute with an additional income to the family or for the family to become part of the best and most successful enterprise in the region, the place, and why not… the world.

We invite you to know their inspiring stories by visiting CREA and Aeroméxico. From making honey, to a revolutionary and healthy way of creating food for dogs with dry food allergies, these women work from their homes or companies with logos, promises of success and above all, with the assurance that SOLAS and in FAMILY they can move Mexico and you can move the world.

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