Mother Turns To Look At Her Side And Finds A Policeman Doing Something That She Would Never Have Expected

“My family is safer by men like him.”

Social networks are often the carriers of news that squeeze our soul and make us wonder where humanity is going; this time, they are the bearers of a story that fills us with faith.

Cammie Alkire, a mother of four, had gone to a restaurant for lunch when she turned around and saw an image that she decided to capture and share.

A police officer praying to bless his food

“It made me thankful for the men and women who serve to protect us,” Alkire said. “These officers and their families need our prayers every day. I thank this officer who really touched my heart.

The image is worth a thousand words.

We must never forget that having food every day is a miracle

We live in different parts of the world. Some of us can access clean water and food without much effort. For many, participating in a lunch or dinner is unimportant, since it is a daily part of life. However, without going to the other end of the hemisphere, there are many people who cannot say the same.

Being grateful for what we have every day should be a practice and teaching in our family and especially with our children.

There are at least three reasons why we should thank God daily for our food

My grandmother said that if the food was good, once the “amen” was heard, only silence would reign. And so it was.

The commotion before eating, the sound of plates, cutlery, glasses, the aroma of food, and the rush to sit down to enjoy food, is interrupted by the words offered by one of the diners to remind ourselves that we are happy to have a God who has blessed us with food, life and health for one more day.

The pause occurs, we remember that we are a family, a unit and gratitude unites us. It takes a couple of minutes for the magic of knowing that we are together to take place.

We pray to celebrate a generous God; we pray to remember who blesses us; we pray to redirect our hearts.

Whatever your faith, make faith part of your family

The officer’s photo reminds us that we all need that faith to move forward.

A study that included 476 participants from 198 religious, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim families, living in 17 different states across the country that included questions such as:

“What faith practices have special meaning for you as a family?”;
“How do you share your faith with your children?”;
“How does your family cope with stress and problems?”

Surprisingly to many, the response of 96% of participating families included prayer as the “special practice that united them as families.”

Yameen, a Muslim father quoted in the study said, “We pray [as] family.” Especially after prayer… the whole house calms down. There is no television, there is no internet… there is purity of communication there, and it comes directly from the heart. You know, you just can’t get it any other way and especially around children.

Prayer is undoubtedly a way of communicating with God, but also with the depths of each one. It’s a way to slow down the day and focus on what really matters. It is a way of creating indestructible bonds as a family.

And you, do you dare to make daily prayer a family activity?


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