Mother Receives News She Did Not Expect, Putting Her Life In Danger

Mother of four children receives news that she has been waiting for seven years, however, puts her life at risk.

Due to the accelerated pace of life, today many couples delay their marriage plans, start a family and have children, in order to be able to become independent, fulfill their goals and dreams.

Youthful love sometimes fails due to the lack of true commitment, however, there are young couples who survive, marry, have children and are happy. The success of a marriage will always be love, respect, communication and commitment.

As is the case published by Newsner and other media, where they relate a love story from their youth, who have managed to overcome problems and continue to maintain a solid love.

Travion and Joanie met at school and decided to get married. They formed a beautiful family consisting of four beautiful children, however, they wanted to have one more child.

A diagnosis they did not expect

The specialists informed Joanie, the news that she could not have more children. So the couple resigned, since they were blessed to have been parents. But one day, after seven years, when they went to the doctor, they discovered that she was pregnant.

Tripled happiness

Joanie was expecting triplets. In those moments, the family was happy, excited and full of excitement, however, Joanie’s life and the three babies could be at risk; one of the reasons was because she was short and having three children was heavy and dangerous.

A hope

The couple went to a clinic specialized in high-risk pregnancies, where they had the blessing of giving birth to their three babies, named Devon, Bryce and Miles. Despite being born prematurely and spending 10 months in intensive care, they managed to survive. Now they form a beautiful family with seven children and a wonderful love.

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What are the chances of a woman having triplets?

The Spanish Fertility Society and the I nstituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, evaluated that the use of ovulation inducing drugs and assisted reproduction treatments increases the probability that women have a multiple pregnancy. Although some occasions, you can conceive naturally, however, rare cases.

What are the risks for the expectant mother?

As is the case with Joanie, and other women, the body has to adapt to the overload, sometimes they can suffer pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure, kidney damage and other problems), which is difficult to treat with medication.

In addition, women may be at risk of gestational diabetes, moderate or severe anemia, a cesarean section is likely due to the different fetal positions that babies adopt, delivery may be premature (37 weeks gestation), they usually have postpartum hemorrhage and miscarriage (of one or more fetuses).

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What are the risks to babies?

Because they can be premature, there is the possibility of intrauterine growth retardation, they are born with low weights, they are more likely to have health disorders, permanent disabilities, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, loss of vision and hearing. Some of the babies may even die.

Babies can be born with birth defects such as neuronal, gastrointestinal, or heart problems.

Despite the risks that babies and the future mother may have, there are many success stories where the little ones are born in perfect health conditions. Always the guidance and support of a specialist will make your pregnancy a success.

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