Mother Of 6 Is Caught Stealing In A Shopping Center; A Policeman Notices Something On His Feet And It Changes His Life

Crimes must be paid for, but what this cop does is amazing.

The desperation of a widowed mother to support her children can lead her to commit criminal acts, without thinking about the consequences. One lucky case was shared by Newsner and Huffpost, where a woman was caught shoplifting from a convenience store, yet the police officer in charge of the arrest became an angel to the mother.

The work of the police

Fortunately, the police are dedicated to the care and safety of society, without them people could do whatever they wanted and the world would be in chaos, without rules, regulations and punishments. Mark Engravalle of Roelan Park, Kansas is a police officer with an exemplary career, yet he was moved by a woman with her 6 children, having to arrest her.

Theft is discovered

The officer was called to arrest a woman who was caught stealing diapers, shoes, and clothing at a local Walmart. Upon arrival, he saw a young mother named Sarah Robinson, who burst into tears at the fear of being imprisoned and leaving her 6 children without her care.

Mark asked Sarah what happened, she commented that she was living in poverty since her husband died, she did not have a roof to live with her children and that her home was a car where they slept, she had no work, no food; she was desperate.

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The law must be applied

The officer decided to accuse her only for having committed a minor crime and decides not to arrest her, realizing that Sarah and her 6 children needed help. He noticed that the minors and the woman had no shoes, and were walking barefoot throughout the store.

An act of generosity and humility

Mark invited the mother and her children to the store to buy shoes, diapers, wipes and toys. Sarah commented “It couldn’t have been better with my daughters”, the next day the officer told her that he wanted to help her find a place to live.

Police Chief John Morris and Sergeant Randy Costlow created a bank account to raise funds, the news spread through local radio stations, raising $6,000 for the family.

Looking for a job and a better life

The mother recognizes that she has the ability to look for work, knows languages ​​and computers, so she just needed to realize that she has the strength to support her family.

Some women have experienced Sarah’s pain, being plunged into despair, pain and sadness, however, children become the motivation to strive day after day. There are many jobs for women who have children and cannot leave them alone, it is a matter of concentrating and looking for job opportunities that meet their needs. For example:

1. Nanny

It is an excellent opportunity to earn money at home, by taking care of children who live nearby. You can offer your services to your friends, neighbors and family. The advantage is that you will not have to go out and leave your own children alone.

2. Translator

There are many companies (publishers) where they require a person who knows several languages ​​and translates books, articles, journalistic notes, among others. It is a service that you can perform in the comfort of your home and in your time.

3. Crafts

Many women have the ability to do many crafts such as: necklaces, bracelets, bathroom sets, home decorations, they are even excellent pastry makers. It is time to take advantage of the strengths.

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Remember that all your dreams can be achieved, with perseverance, dedication and effort. There is always for some unscientific reason an angel (person) who will not hesitate to help you, take advantage of and observe all the opportunities that life presents to you.

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