Mother Makes Complaint After Finding The Needle Of A Syringe In The Hamburger Her Family Bought While They Were Having Dinner With Their 5-year-old Son

The famous and international hamburger chain swears not knowing how it got there, yet the family ended up in the emergency room for HOURS.

A mother is issuing a warning to other consumers after finding a subcutaneous needle in the meat of the hamburger she had bought from her stepmother.

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department is currently investigating the complaint.

They were having dinner as a family, when their stepmother found the ‘surprise’

According to Erin Spellman’s accounts, her son was eating with his grandparents at McDonald’s when Erin’s step-mother bit into the hamburger and felt something hard. Spellman adds that at first, she thought it was the cap of something, but then realized that this “plastic cap” was attached to a subcutaneous needle.

The discovery of the needle in the hamburger led the family to finish their dinner in a hospital emergency room, where they stayed for hours. A series of analyzes were carried out and a number of preventive treatments were carried out, not knowing what the needle was contaminated with.

The declaration by the Department of Health of that area

The news portal contacted the Department of Health, and they got a statement, which in part reads as follows:

“We received a report yesterday afternoon of some kind of hypodermic needle discovered in a hamburger by a customer at McDonald’s. A health inspector visited the restaurant, examined the ingredients used to make the burger, and found no evidence of contamination. He also spoke to restaurant managers, who reported that they and their staff had no idea how the needle could have been found on the burger. The restaurant remains open. Our inspector recorded the manufacturer’s batch number and all the food products used to make the burger. And we’ll send that information to the Kentucky Department of Public Health this morning for possible further investigation. “

The woman said that she is not “a paranoid person, but I consider that it is a great problem for public health”, adding that her son, who was there with his grandparents, is only 5 years old and “it is alarming to think that he could have found the needle in his hamburger ».

McDonald’s Official Response

McDonald’s for its part published an official statement regarding the facts. “We take the allegation very seriously, as food safety is a top priority,” reads the statement issued by Denise Long, the owner and operator of that McDonald’s branch. Adding “we are working to verify the facts and welcome the Department of Health to work together on this issue.

Other complaints similar to this and other fast food restaurants

It was also recently in the news that a customer found a rodent in the sandwich bread she bought at a branch of the famous international chain Chick-fil-A. The woman sued the restaurant, which is still ongoing.

On the other hand, an investigation published in Fox 13, points to McDonald’s as one of the fast food restaurants with the worst quality of ingredients.

According to a new report, “Consumers surveyed said McDonald’s has the lowest quality food of any large fast food restaurant. The chain was ranked 12th (out of 12) in a review by RBC Capital Markets, a global investment bank.

More reasons to eat at home and with the family

According to a study conducted by the University of Florida, it was concluded that dinners with the family and in the warmth of the home bring important and invaluable benefits for each member of the family group.


  • Strengthens communication: «Simple rules of conversation work at the family table. There your children learn to express their thoughts, emotions and feelings. They learn to wait their turn to speak and above all, they learn to listen ».

The study also gives some tips on how to use this family time. Suggest that you ask your children about their day, talk about current affairs and political, social and family events that impact the life of your family, and of course, it is a great opportunity for your children to feel heard.

  • Helps their development: Family dinners help children grow up healthy and feel loved and safe. “Family dinners impact the values, motivation, personal identity and self-esteem of children.” This also helps anxiety and insecurity behaviors decrease dramatically.

  • Help with their nutrition: Eating as a family fosters the ideology of the importance of healthy eating and creates healthy habits in your children. Several studies have concluded that family dinners help children increase their intake of fruits and vegetables, making them healthier and almost ensuring a healthy future and a long life.

Finding time and energy each day to cook is difficult, especially if you work outside the home, however, it is extremely important. Talk to your husband or your older children, and take turns cooking or if you cook, have them wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. Both activities are equally beneficial for the entire family group.

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