Mother Leaves Her Little Girls Locked In The Most Unexpected Place In Her Vehicle For The Most Unusual Reasons; The Police Find Out

The mother’s explanation for what she did are somewhat incomprehensible … what to do in situations like this.

A mother from Riverdale in the State of Utah was arrested by the police when they discovered that in order to do her shopping safely, she left her two daughters waiting for her.

The person who was supposed to take care of them did not come

According to witnesses who informed the Police and what was published by Fox 3, Tori Castillo, 29, arrived at the Walmart parking lot (a supermarket), and before entering the business, forced her two daughters, 2 and 5 years old to settle in the trunk of the car, then go to make purchases.

One of the witnesses told the police that she saw the mother when the two girls entered the aforementioned compound, and another witness, who helped the girls to be rescued, heard the screams that came from the trunk of the car, she tells herself: «I heard screams of children getting out of the car and I told my friend ‘there are people in the trunk of that car, there are children in that trunk’”.

A moment later, both people led the girls to open the trunk from the inside, releasing them immediately, and then call the police. When the mother returned from shopping, she met the police and justified their actions that “the person who was supposed to take care of them had not arrived.”

Nothing justifies this action but …

Let’s start by clarifying that nothing justifies this action and that we should never leave our young children even in the car while we do the shopping, and less in the trunk. However, it is good to find out why a mother gets to do an act like this, without justifying, but foreseeing that it will not happen again.

We do not know for sure why this mother reached this limit of action and it is not my intention to judge, because now she is in the hands of justice, and her girls under the Service of the Child and the Family.

What many mothers know but soon forget

This past weekend, I was caring for my two and a half year old grandson, as his parents decided to take a trip “alone” and recover.

I have to admit that I perceived mixed feelings in myself, since on the one hand I was happy to take care of my grandson, but on the other hand my heart broke at the thought that his parents left the child for a week, to take a vacation “alone” .

And it is that doing these things, they did not look good in our time, and maybe even today. But after taking care of this beauty for four full days, 24 hours a day, bathing, cooking, entertaining, and other care and accident prevention attention that every two-year-old requires, I was exhausted and slept a full day to recover.

It is that being a mother requires a lot of time and care, we know that, but what we do forget is that a MOTHER also requires care, rest, time for herself, her moment of ALONE bath, joy and fun.

Stress in mothers, signs and consequences

According to an article published by Baby Center written by Dr. Marisol Muñoz-Kienhe, Clinical Psychologist explains in this regard:

“Stress is a natural reaction to physical, emotional and environmental pressures. Also, the whole family is harmed when Mom’s stress is out of control, especially young children. Even fetuses have been shown to respond altered when the mother is stressed. And under the influence of stress, the best mom can neglect or mistreat her children.

Typical symptoms of a stressed mother are:

  • Isolation

  • You do not engage in any pleasant chores

  • You spend a lot of time in front of the TV or cell phone

  • You leave what you start unfinished

  • You neglect your appearance

  • You forget your responsibilities

  • Taking care of your children becomes heavy

Taking care of yourself and meeting your needs is like giving your body water every day

I do not remember having the opportunity that my daughter has to travel and be able to do it “alone” as a couple, especially until my children were older.

It was not easy really, I worked and studied and had two children with a difference of 9 months, I always thought that because you are young you can do everything, but it is not like that, the accumulated stress always takes the toll, either in your health physical or emotional.

Everyone can plan to change things around the house as a mother, from wherever one can. But just as you need water to live, a MOTHER needs her free time, personal care, fun and SINGLE TIME.

And it should be noted that if the babysitter did not arrive on time for the moment that you had planned to go out alone, try other people you trust to leave your children, and if you cannot find them, then convert your plan and enjoy a day of you shop with your children, use the money that you were going to pay the babysitter to have a good time outside the house with your little ones; the trunk of a car is not a place for a child.

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