Moms Who Read, Kids Who Read

According to a study, 63% of children take the example of mom if they see her with a book in her hand.

According to a study carried out in Mexico by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) and the Module on Reading (MOLEC), 63% of children take the example of mother when they see her doing activities close to reading.

The subject is not minor and does not even surprise me. I will always recognize my mother (among many other things), the one who has always had the patience to read me three hundred and seventy times in one day, my story of “Little Oscar”, a little lion who, for being disobedient, the life takes its toll on him with a slight accident. I liked that story, I don’t know if because of the illustrations or because of how funny it seemed to me that the feline was naughty. Regarding the punishment or consequence part, I never wanted to pay much attention, for obvious reasons.

Reading mothers, reading children. The formula sounds simple in theory, however, in practice it is very complicated. The hustle and bustle of the daily routine, coupled with the pressures with family, bosses and others, really leave little time (or rather, little space for lucidity) for mothers and / or fathers, to take a story and read it to children .

Thanks to the example of the little lion Oscar (which I now see incarnate in my eldest son), I try every day to give my boys a few minutes of reading, and I invite their mother to do the same. A child who reads (or to whom they read) is a child with imagination, which can later be translated into creativity.

I want to share some tips for you to experience the exciting world of children’s reading with your children.

1. Read what they want

I like to read even the public transport signs, always heed the children’s call that asks: what does it say there?

2. Take action

You do not have to be a professional in the field, if you read to your children aloud, give yourself time to act the character, either with the voice or with movements. This will work in two ways: first, you will have more fun, and then your child will realize that you really care about what you are sharing. Besides, I assure you, you steal a laugh from him.

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3. Establish schedules

I understand that the dynamics of each one is different, but if it is possible to set a specific time for reading, that would be great. Another option is that you are the one who always suggests this activity, so that your child truly takes it as one more option, in addition to any other offer they have for entertainment.

4. Ask him to explain

You already read the story for the forty-eighth time, right, now ask your little one to read to you or explain what he sees, what he thinks and imagines. He may not tell you a coherent story, but that will help him exercise his mind, wit, and vocabulary. Reading will always have consequences for your child. If you want to see how, laugh while watching this video.

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