Mock Shooting At A Primary School In Mexico Alerts Parents To The Reality Of The World Today

The safety of children in schools is paramount and for this it is necessary to teach them how to protect themselves

We live in a world where violence in its many versions is the daily bread. Many of these actions have led some sectors of the Mexican government to take measures to preserve the lives of the most vulnerable in the home: children.

Drill against terrorist attacks

The Nuevo Herald site reported that on October 24 of this year, the Mexican police oriented 500 children from the Capitán Rosendo Robles elementary school, located in the city of La Paz, capital of the state of Baja California Sur, in a simulated shooting This is due to the fact that attacks by criminal groups of organized crime have been on the rise in recent times.

As expressed by Laura Casillas, one of the teachers in charge, what the children learned in this drill was “protect their vital organs and pretend to be dead” while they were face down, lying on the floor.

Are they good and necessary?

Although Casillas and many parents consider this procedure stressful and unnecessary for children, the psychologist Rogelio Flores Morales, doctor of psychology and professor at the UNAM, said for the information portal Verne that a security protocol against shootings is necessary for the same way as an earthquake or fire drill; However, he maintains that the way it was carried out was not correct, since what it caused in many children was fear and not a protective instinct.

Why was it not correct?

Basically because of the actions of the police in charge. What they did was use the school’s sound system and put on the audio speakers of submachine guns and bullets, while the children watched as the armed agents entered the schoolyard with protective shields to complete the exercise, this according to the argument. Flores, it was stressful for the children.

More than necessary

We all remember the tragic events of the Columbine school on April 20, 1999 in the state of Colorado in the USA or one of the most recent events such as the Sandy Hook school on December 14, 2012 in Connecticut.

But the United States and Mexico have not been the only countries affected by tragic events where both adults and children have been involved.

The millennium portal reports that Mexico, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom have had their own misfortunes and this makes it necessary for children to learn to take care of themselves and for teachers to know how to act in an event of this type to avoid the greatest possible casualties .

Ways to protect children during shootings or terrorist attacks

A very commendable example to follow from a preschool teacher, in the city of Monterrey -Nuevo León, during a shooting near the school, told her little students to throw themselves on the floor face down and sing while everything calmed down.

The action to protect children during a terrorist attack or shooting is the same in many schools around the world and it was the one that police officers taught children last Tuesday:

1. Lie on the floor face down and with the hands to the head.

2. Do not lift your head for nothing and keep it that way so that they are protected.

3.Be as still as possible

But the best trained should be the teachers since they are the responsible adults in charge of the children, and the safety of the children depends on them and the directives of the institution.

In the United States, one of the countries most affected by this scourge, measures have been taken such as security cameras, a network of parents where they are informed about strangers near the educational institution and even when they are alerted by strangers who try to enter an educational establishment The action to be taken is to close school that day and for parents to be alert to go get their little ones.

No matter how big and responsible your child is, it is important that you are informed of the protection mechanisms against shootings and terrorist attacks implemented by the school where your child studies, if you do not have it, advocate with other parents so that they implement one. It is always better to be aware and thus guarantee the life and health of your child.

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