Men Vs Women, Who Uses The Internet More And For What?

If you always wonder what your partner is doing on the internet and who of the two is online the longest, read on because you will most likely be surprised by the answer.

Although men are ahead of women up to 34 years of age, the online story changes with women of 35, and the most curious thing is what both sexes use the internet for.

The Internet, the queen of communications, the one that made the difference and brings us closer to virtually everything our minds can imagine, has very marked trends among men and women who have the joy of living in the age of technology.

Age difference and use

The difference between the percentages of men and women who use the Internet is only 1 and even 3 percent; and with the exception of women between 35 and 44 years of age, men outnumber women at all ages.

As if this were not enough, the percentages are not the only thing that differs between the two sexes when we talk about this tool, since the purposes of its use are widely different.

Women on the attack

Ricardo Rubinstein, doctor, psychologist and psychiatrist, explains that most women use the internet to socialize, give voice to their opinions and issues that interest them, to plan their vacations or trips and to resort to the endless list of exotic and traditional recipes cooking. To this list, Dr. Rubinstein added one more element: that of research. “This way they satisfy their curiosity and can fish out the details of some new man.”

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Men’s “themes”

On the other hand, according to the psychoanalyst Ana Krieger, most men use the internet for “betting, soccer and also for their work.” What both sexes have in common when it comes to “surfing” on the net is that they both do it to work, read the news and to find love online.

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