Maturing And Learning From Life Requires You To Stop Making These 9 Mistakes

Having a full life requires learning from our mistakes, the faster it happens, the better it will be.

We are human and by nature we make mistakes. This is not bad, because being wrong helps us to mature and be better every day. The problem is that many times, instead of making a mistake only once in our lives, we make it almost daily.

It is as if we did not learn from the situation we experienced. But the other important point, and of which we are not aware, is that failing over and over again will always lead us to suffer the same consequences, until we learn the lesson.

But why don’t we change and keep “falling into the same hole”? Maybe it’s because we really don’t realize the flaw. Perhaps it is due to pride and stubbornness in doing things our way; really, the reasons depend on each one of us. However, there is one thing that I do know, and that is that while we persist in continuing on the same path, personal evolution, reaching our goals and dreams, will be frankly more difficult.

The good thing about it is that whether we are 100 years old or are one step away from death, the change can be made. And the change, the sooner it is made, the better; of course, whenever we want it. The important point is to change to improve ourselves.

9 Mistakes we must learn from and must never repeat

1 Believe that we are eternal

We tend to spend time, money and strength on trivial matters, all as if there is no tomorrow. It’s not that we don’t have the right to party, indulge ourselves in some ridiculous treat or waste time procrastinating; there is nothing wrong with it if you have control over it.

But the point is that many do not understand that although it is their time, money and life, there are also people and causes around them that could well benefit more from their intervention in their lives. In addition to that, we forget that we do not have eternal time, money runs out and health can be affected by the excesses of a careless life.

It is a matter of living in measure, enjoying without exaggeration, saving for difficult times and taking care of our body, because we can do what we want but without health there is nothing.

2 Live in yesterday or tomorrow

There is a phrase that I love about a character in the movie Kung Fu panda:

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why we call it present” And it’s true. Since I heard her, I did my best to follow her teaching. I discovered that living remembering the past generates a lot of sadness, and thinking about what the future could be makes me live in anxiety ; neither of the two emotions is healthy for any human being.

But it is also that “living in the past or the future” makes us lose the opportunities and experiences of the present; I lost many by constantly thinking about the future. Please, don’t do it and stop doing it, you will see how you begin to appreciate life and the people you love more.

3 Worrying about things that are not important

It also happens that we usually get to “kill ourselves in life” for things like a novel, a reality show, a soccer game or the sport that we are passionate about, but is this really important? Not really. They are things that amuse us and help us pass the time but nothing more than a good time makes us pass.

Instead, we should care more about spending good time with our families, exercising, helping others, and of course, we should care much more about being really happy.

4 being ungrateful

Fortunately, little by little more people are becoming more aware of how valuable it is to be grateful.We have and enjoy many good things every day that deserve appreciation. And it will seem a bit masochistic, but we should even be grateful for the problems and obstacles that arise in our life, since they help you to improve and to know your strength.

5 Living with a grudge

He resentment makes us bitter. Yes, in fact there are situations that are very difficult to forgive, but living all your life seeking revenge because it would be the only possible way to have peace, is really unfruitful and sad.

Forgiveness, on the contrary, helps us achieve the mental and emotional peace with which every human being deserves to live, no matter how tough and difficult the situation to overcome is.

6 To think that we will only be happy if …

Waiting to be happy when we graduate from graduate school, land the perfect relationship with the perfect man or woman, or find the best paying job is living in a very unhealthy fantasy.

The situation is to live happily with what we have, with what we do. We will achieve the ideal partner if we strive to cultivate in ourselves the type of person we want to attract. The ideal home and job will come if we prepare and strive for them. But while we reach them, we must be happy enjoying what life puts our way; if not, we will only be unhappy beings living a life that we do not have, waiting to be happy when the impossible is achieved. The reality is that little is achieved when we have that attitude.

7 Expect to change our situation without changing strategies

Life will not change if we do not change our “modus operandi.”

Do we want a better paying job? we must prepare to achieve it. Do we want a better home? We must save until we can give way to the search. So it is with everything in life and nothing will change if we continue to walk the same path. We must take risks and face the fear of the unknown to get what we want.

8 Compare ourselves with others

Comparing ourselves is absurd because we are all different. Besides that, the upbringing and the environment in which each of us grew up was different; therefore, the achievements of all and the time or the way in which they are achieved are also different.

Comparing ourselves is harmful because it leads us to feel envy, and apart from that we have no knowledge of what others have had to do or what they have endured to be in the place where they are.

Each goal and achievement is different and we must enjoy the journey until we reach the goal, that is what is really valuable in achieving what we want.

9 Always expect others to do things to please us

The expectations they make you suffer. Nothing is more painful than waiting for something from a person and that this does not fulfill those hopes that we keep in them.

There are 2 problems with expectations:

1  People do not know that we expect certain things from them.

2 No one has the obligation to make our dreams and wishes – deposited in them – come true.

The best things are what we seek and achieve on our own. In addition, they are the ones that leave us satisfied the most and make us the happiest. Get used to being clear about what you expect from others, and then you will not have disappointments.

Changing our way of facing life is not as complicated as it seems, we just need to become aware of the way to act and as soon as we are able to control those aspects that do not help us to move forward, we will see how things flow more easily at the time to achieve the goals.

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