Massacre In Las Vegas: “i Was Shot, I Love You”, The Most Heartbreaking Text Anyone Can Receive And Four Stories That Will Move You To Tears

In the midst of the massacre, we rescue and value the stories of the heroes and survivors

As the days go by, the stories of the survivors of the Las Vegas shooting appear, where a gunman opened fire and killed 59 people and injured 527 others at a Country Music Festival.

The United States was in mourning due to one of the worst massacres in the history of the country, although despite this, stories of hope can be rescued that involve people who acted with total disinterest and charity. They are the heroes, who did not hesitate to help the victims who were shot, or to cover and protect the people near them so that the bullets would not hit them.

The New York Times collects the stories of the heroes and survivors of the shooting, because they deserve to be highlighted and known. In a world where the coldness of individualism seems to gain ground, there are people willing to help the other for nothing in return, even at the cost of putting their own life at risk. Others, who were miraculously saved and able to take refuge on their own, find comfort in faith and are still amazed and relieved to have made it out of a terrifying time alive.

“You saved my daughter”

Dean McAuley is a firefighter who loves his profession. That became clear when the first Sunday in October he selflessly saved the life of a teenage girl. Ignoring warnings that the bullets were still flying, Dean grabbed some latex gloves and helped 17-year-old Natalia make a tourniquet on her profusely bleeding arm. The young woman found it difficult to breathe, but she was calm.

The firefighter told him to trust him, and said he would not let anything happen to him. So, she let him use her phone to call her father, telling him that she would be fine. A day later, Dean’s best reward came: a text message from Natalia’s father thanked her for her heroic act and said “you saved my daughter’s life.”

A heartbreaking call

Jan had traveled to Las Vegas from Canada with a friend to attend the country music festival, according to Fox. Her husband Joseph had stayed in Canada and while he was at work he received a call; one of the worst of her life. Her sister-in-law informed her that there had been a shooting in Las Vegas, at the place where her wife was. Joseph was petrified, not knowing if his wife had been affected. But seconds later he received a text message from his wife Jan saying, “I love you, I got shot, I love you very much.”

According to CTV News, Joseph said he was very scared by that message and felt hell near, as it seemed something like a goodbye message. However, despite being shot in the abdomen, Jan is recovering favorably at the Hospital in Las Vegas. Joseph, who is with his wife now said “I just want to go home to her.”

A guardian angel

Renee had met Marine Brendan at the country music festival just two hours before Stephen Paddock carried out the deadliest mass shooting in American history. Apparently it was fate. Well, Brendan acted as his guardian angel when the bullets flew over their heads and the young marine did not hesitate to throw Renee to the ground and cover her with his body so that the bullets did not reach her. She put her own life at risk to save the girl from any possible bullet.

According to the Telegraph, Brendan told the young woman “We have to get out of here. We cannot stay. Is not safe”. Then he picked her up and kept telling her that everything would be fine. All night Brendan stayed close to Renne’s side. Later, the marine received a text message from Renee’s sister, thanking her for her incredible actions. True to his convictions, Brendan said, “That’s what we do, take care of our own and those around us. I’m glad to be there for him in that crazy moment.

Steal to help

In the great moment of despair experienced that terrifying night, there were those who did not hesitate to do the most unthinkable acts to help people not die in the massacre. According to the Telegraph, Taylor Winston, 29, is a Marine veteran who was on the festival grounds at the right time.

Seeing that the wounded people were everywhere, he committed a great act of courage by robbing a van stationed at the scene, and using it to transport the gunshot wounded to the hospital. A crime for a good cause. “Luckily I found a truck with keys on it and we started transporting priority victims to the hospital, and I tried to help as best we could until more ambulances arrived,” said the veteran, who was honorably discharged after serving in the army from 2006 to 2011. Without a doubt, an outstanding example of how we can all give the best of ourselves when our compatriots need it.

Stories that repeat

These are just a handful of the dozens of stories that are being known in recent hours about the survivors and heroes of the shooting. They all teach us and invite us to reflect that, even in the most miserable moments, we can find people who are worthwhile. This is the path that we must always choose: charity, kindness, solidarity; They are elements that exalt the human being and that make us worthy beings.

Share this story to carry a message of reflection in the midst of chaos, and so that the behaviors of these heroes and survivors are replicated, and we can imitate their strength and courage.

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