Manual For Dreamers

If you have a project, a dream that you want to realize and you don’t dare, this article is for you. This is a manual for dreamers. The subversive screams that stop God.

Only seditious screams are what stop God.

The Palestinian sun burned the skin and utopias. Streets brimming with sweat, noise and needs of the great mass of the people. Men and women who loved and fulfilled God to the best of their ability and that rabbis and Pharisees of the time located far from their homes, synagogues and their glances of instituted contempt.

Bartimaeus was part of “ the nobody”, as Galeano says, “the children of the nobody, the owners of nothing”. The only thing Bartimaeus owned was the dark night, which haunted his blind eyes all day. Mark tells in his Gospel (10: 46-52) that Bartimaeus had heard that Jesus was approaching outside of Jericho, and he decided to do something with his need.

Can you hear the murmur and noise of the various beggars, shaking their containers with some coins, squeezing their hurt bodies against each other to break through and be seen by the Son of God? Sick, poor, women wounded by life, cursed and demonized, screaming and moving from one side to the other, their prayers do not drown out the cry of Bartimaeus, who makes the difference.

Jesus had a busy schedule; However, to this day there is always time for the revolutionaries of the faith, for those who love to live in rebellious fidelity to God and oppose the system that oppresses and stifles the impossible. Manual for dreamers. The subversive screams that stop God. His story can give you some clues if what you are needing is a change in your days:

  • (Mark 10: 46-47). Bartimaeus was blind, but when he heard Jesus pass he listened. A goal is something transitory that allows you to fulfill yourself for a while, but a dream is to transcend the everyday. Every day Bartimaeus had the goal of going out begging to satisfy his needs, but that morning he decided to realize a dream of his life, and for this he used all his senses. Dreams are those that remain with you until the last day of your existence and goals, once achieved, are forgotten. They transcend time and space, but it is necessary that you base yourself on small goals to achieve them, because dreams without goals are mere fantasies. Look at Bartimaeus, whose dream was to stop being blind and he achieved it based on goals; He went out to meet Jesus, mingled with the crowd and made himself felt. Dream your dream, do not believe that there is something that can limit you and if something is missing, turn to another talent or ability and use it for its realization.

  • (Mark 10:48). Maybe it happens to you like Bartimaeus, that many try to restrain or turn off your dream, make you shut up. Mitigating that rebellion is letting the darkness prevail and being an accomplice of unbelief. So do not stop, fight for your goals through thick and thin, establish the way on how you are going to carry them out, set a plan and act decisively.

  • (Mark 10:49). Bartimaeus was sitting on the edge of the road, that is, outside the place of action. Maybe you have a dream, but you are left alone in the plane of reverie and you do not dare to tell it to others, to seek help or to see how to fulfill it. The edge means staying out, without opportunities; So that it seeks to link you, dialogue, spread your dream, perhaps you can organize yourself together with other people who share the same and together they can achieve it. But above all, get off the edge.

  • (Mark 10:49). The current portrait of what peer pressure is, and what the weight of a crowd can mean is amazing. Marcos says that she wanted to silence Bartimaeus, but when they see that Jesus is paying attention to him they encourage him. The important thing about the story is that Bartimaeus remains firm in his personal conviction and differs from the crowd. It may be that you let yourself be overwhelmed by the pressure of others and at times you think about giving up your dream. Your own discouragement can be like the crowd; but have personality and decide to search for your dream beyond what the environment says or promotes.

  • (Mark 10:50). Bartimaeus sat on his cloak, that was the usual thing; the cape was not only the coat, but also a work tool, of support in his life. In it he sat but also deposited the alms received. Look at his gesture when he hears Jesus calling him: he leaps up, leaves his cloak. Think about it: surely others in the crowd, as soon as he left, wanted to take it or pounced on it. Bartimaeus dropped his cloak, got rid of it. Just as his jump gains strength in this story, follow this example and forget to follow your dream, what is left behind, and look at what you have ahead, take a leap of faith. Leave your fears and insecurities behind, because without risks you do not win.

  • (Mark 10:51). When Jesus asked him what Bartimaeus wanted, he said, “I want to regain my sight.” This tells us that he was not born blind, but that for some reason he stopped seeing. Ask yourself then, when did you stop seeing, having dreams? And now continue to have them, ask God for strength to continue dreaming, do not be content with having a dream, but fight to see it come true and continue dreaming every day.

Bartimaeus is the example of those who desperately dream of something but do not crumble before negative voices, but rather shout their dream, as a subversive act of faith.

Go ahead and dream.


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