Manu Ginobili Said In A Photo That Travels The World: “fortunately, What Was Under The Bed Does Not Come Out”

The recent publication of the basketball player for the Argentine Olympic team is gaining attention on the networks.

The Olympics are over but some of their athletes are still drawing our attention with their comments. The recent publication of the basketball player of the Argentine Olympic team, Manu Ginobili, is leaving something to be said.

“Fortunately, what was under the bed does not come out”

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A photo posted by Manu Ginobili (@manuginobili) on Aug 23, 2016 at 8:11 am PDT

It is the headline of a blog post that the shooting guard of the Argentina basketball team. The photo shows him and his teammate Andrés Nocioni, warning readers that if what is seen is bad, or if they imagine what is not seen.

As a list numbered by the letters of the alphabet, the athlete describes one by one the elements that shout the disorder that reigned in the room of the Olympic village that he shared with Nocioni.

Cell phones, perfume (because as he puts it, although disorder reigns, it is good that it smells good), “Andres’s glasses balancing on a pear and a banana”, OFF for mosquitoes, the Olympic badge it was one of his most precious assets), a Racing shirt (a sports club in Argentina), a single shoe, a bag with souvenirs for the children of both athletes, and much more.

But the cutest thing about this post is for Ginobili’s mother:

Excuse me mom for the mess. I know you did a great job educating me and talking to me about the importance of order. This was a slip and will not be repeated.

Regardless of fame, money or success, the work of mothers remains burned into the minds of children. While not all children are grateful, but I believe that all those who had the joy of growing up with a mother, can appreciate what these beautiful women did and sacrificed in raising them.

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What are the things children never forget?

The co-author of an investigation about the memories that children store in their memories from a very young age, explains her conclusions in an article published in Scholastic.

The study was conducted at the Early Childhood Education Center at the University of Vermont. The project consisted of the work that these professionals did while instructing a group of students to create a visual story (with drawings and photos) of what was most important to them before leaving kindergarten. The objective was to find out what was the most valuable thing kept under seven keys in the memories of the little ones.

“After hundreds of photos and eighty-eight drawings, we noticed certain common themes among his memories,” he explains.

These are the 8 things children remember the most:

When mom leaves them at school, their natural environment (their home, their surroundings), the games, the times they feel they excel at something, the people they like (their first friends), their younger siblings, the being part of a group and the places they went.

Of all these eight things, the most constant was always the presence of their mothers.

Although it may seem that we are not contributing much, we are changing the world, one child at a time

Just as Ginobili’s mother when he was little perhaps never imagined that he would be famous and successful, as parents we must wait to teach our little ones everything we can, because the future is up to them and it depends on us. better than ours.

Let’s finish with something that steals a good laugh

“No cockroach was mistreated or injured in the course of these two weeks. In fact, we believe we have contributed to their well-being ”, thus ends his publication Manu Ginobili.

We do not know if the care of insects was also inherited from his mother, but we know that there were cockroaches, that they were not very neat, and that it is better that we do not find out what was under their beds.

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