Man Has Been Visiting His Wife Daily In The Cemetery For 7 Years; The Reason Will Make You Cry

Keeping a promise of love is not easy, especially when the loved one is no longer present …

We are never emotionally prepared to face the loss of a loved one. The couple that always remains by our side is the strength, motivation and hope to continue living. However, it is inevitable one day to experience that suffering and pain, sooner or later we are all aware that we will have to leave this world.

The immense love that one has for the couple will never be destroyed, it travels through dimensions that we do not know. An example of this was the terrible experience of my father when he was a widower, always his heart, soul, thoughts, talks and memories, my mother starred despite her absence and the years passed.

Like my father, many people share the same pain of having lost their partner. A case that shook the whole world; As reported in Baúl de ideas, a 78-year-old grandfather named Fred Gilland spends every day to visit his wife in the cemetery, after he died at the age of 66.

His life revolves around talking with his wife and watching television, as is logical the man felt devastated, without wanting to continue living, so he decided to continue with his life honoring the memory of his beloved. In addition, he wishes to fulfill the promise he made to her before marrying “he would be with her until the end of her days.”

His routine became known to the people who visit the cemetery, now they greet him and approach him to pray and talk, they accompany him in his pain.

Tips to heal the loss of a loved one

1. The weather

The passing of days, months, even years will make the deepest wounds of the soul heal. Although it is never possible to forget, since the heart will take care of remembering the good experiences, there will come a time when we must accept reality and live with it.

2. Control of emotions

Psychologists always remind us that we are the authors of deciding when we want to stop suffering. All of us have a strength inside, which motivates us to keep fighting. You can decide when to stop crying, continue your life and reflect on the future, despite the pain in the soul, especially if you have children.

3. Only keep what you need

After the loss of a loved one, it is difficult to get rid of material objects, it is believed that without them it will be possible to forget them. However, accumulating many things will not change anything you feel, on the contrary, it will be more difficult to accept reality.

It is advisable only to keep the things that you think are necessary and that retain a meaning for you such as: photographs, a special gift, a letter etc.

4. Pray

One way to keep in touch with your loved one is through prayer and faith. For some reason without logical explanation, you will always feel its presence in your heart. It will be a relief to discharge your feelings and pain.

5. Get on with life

Without a doubt, there are many things you have to do, new goals, objectives and challenges. Reflecting will give you strength to continue with your present and future life. Do activities that you like, discover skills that you did not have, distract your mind and focus on achieving happiness.

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The pain of losing a loved one is devastating, the heart is completely shattered, however, you must continue with life. There are wonderful things that you surely have yet to experience, people who love you and want to see you happy. Always the help of a specialist will help you heal your wounds.

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