Man Decides To Rob A Bank And Go To Prison Rather Than Continue Living With His Wife

What’s the most unusual thing you would do to get out of a bad situation? A Kansas City man tried the unthinkable to escape his bad marital relationship.

Have you ever felt stuck in a bad situation because you can’t find a way out? A man from Kansas City, in the United States, sought an unconventional and somewhat exaggerated alternative to get out of the situation that was driving him crazy: continue to share a home with his wife.

In early September, according to an article in The Washington Post, 70-year-old Larry Ripple entered the lobby of a bank located in Kansas City and approached the teller with a note demanding money. Ripple immediately received $2,924 in cash from the teller. In these situations, it is to be expected that the thief will flee as soon as possible from the scene of the crime, but to everyone’s surprise, Ripple continued to take a seat in the bank lobby and start a conversation with the security guard. The entire incident was recorded on video.

Stole and returned money immediately

As police officers arrived on the scene, Ripple greeted them with the announcement “I am the man they are looking for.” The cash was immediately returned to the bank and Ripple was transferred to the police station.

Already at the police station, approximately 45 minutes after the incident, the confused officers managed to understand the reason for such an illogical situation. Ripple confessed to having had a very agitated discussion with his wife, and that he did not want to continue in that situation. He confessed to leaving his home after leaving a written note for his wife announcing that he would rather be in jail than continue living with her. The easiest way he came up with his plan was, nothing more and nothing less than, robbing the nearest bank.

After his confession, Ripple was jailed and sentenced on the federal bank robbery charge. It seemed that his plan had worked perfectly. However, the following week, when appearing in court, Judge David Waxse decided to drop the charges, based on Ripple’s intent in committing the crime.

The first man ‘forced’ to go free

So, after effectively robbing a bank, Ripple was surely the first man to be forced back to freedom after committing such a serious crime. Did you return home with your wife? We do not know, as neither Ripple nor his wife have wanted to give public comment after the incident.

What can we learn about this story?

We all face difficult situations in our marriages. Working the differences and discussions is a necessary part to strengthen the union in a couple. The biggest problem arises when differences are ignored and no attempt is made to find a solution to the immediate difficulties. These become like a snowball. Over the years, they grow and grow until they become a catastrophe from which we cannot effectively escape.

Work the discussions with your spouse. Do not burden yourself with complaints from the past, as they will only grow larger with time. But most of all and indisputably, we learned that, if you need to get out of any situation that you can no longer bear, committing a crime is not the best idea!

As for Ripple and his wife, we hope that this experience has softened their relationship a bit and that they are working on their differences.

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