Make Your Own Rules In Your Home

Sure that many times you have crossed your mind to set rules in your home, but you have not done it for fear of falling into the extreme. Well, there is nothing wrong with doing it, on the contrary, it brings very good benefits. Look at which …

I was recently at a congress of young believers, in another city in my country, and one of the invited speakers developed an interesting topic about the family, where he contributed many ideas that he applied at home. It seemed ideal to be able to share them with you and that you can also use them.

I will tell you a little about how the story was in his current home. Daniel commented that once he married his beloved wife Shari, they both took a pencil and paper and made a list of the negative and positive things that their families had. Each list contained a large number of virtues and also errors. Don’t you know what the longest list turned out to be? Yes, it was the list of bad things. They both felt sorry to show it but were brave to open their hearts.

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An exercise that every married couple should do

Each list of negative things contained such as: Vices, infidelity, disloyalty, debts, among many others. In the lists of positive things they could only find a few such as: Sincerity, responsibility, dedication and some others. Together they decided to pray for these lists, to have the courage to renounce the negative things, closing the doors, so that they would not persist in the new generation that was being formed through them and to follow the example of the good ones. Thus, they chose to write a new story in their family and in their future generation.

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Establish rules at home

Not satisfied with that, after being married for a while and noticing what things one disliked about the other, they decided this time to make a new list that would be called “House Rules” in order to put limits on any situation that caused discomfort. and disturb the peace in their nest of love. One of those rules was not to slam (slam) the doors of the house when upset. Daniel says that formulating these rules has been of great benefit to his home.

Taking these examples from the life of the Calveti family, you and your partner can also make these lists and not only discipline yourself to fulfill them, but also pray to fulfill these things to change the destiny of your generation. And also create your own rules in your home, according to those things that you do not like and that you would like to avoid and eliminate completely from your house. If there are even rules for driving, why not set your own?

You could start by adding these following rules that will help you maintain peace and harmony in your home, but remember that each list should be made according to your own interests. Suggestions:

1. In this house no curse words are spoken

This rule will ensure that education is maintained above all, and above all respect. Surely, if you manage to maintain this condition in your home, it will not be so difficult to follow the example outside of it.

2. There is no shouting in this house

Prevent the screams, will avoid the runaway lawsuits. You will establish respect again, no matter how great the disagreement.

3. In this house no one speaks ill of any member of the family

In many families, it is very common when one is upset to spout any kind of offense. In order not to have to regret later, it is better to avoid insults. Do not speak ill of those who love you no matter how many their mistakes are. Value them and respect them, not only inside, but also outside the home.

These are just a few examples and ideas that you could take. However, each family has its differences. The important thing about this is not to put extreme restrictions, but rather to show the value that these little things have for you. Put them in a visible place and reach an agreement with all the members of the house, to enforce them. Try it, and you will notice the change.


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