Love Of Children Can Have A “price”, According To Some Parents. Rich And Not So Rich Kid Syndrome

The big mistake many parents make when raising their children, are you making it?

For various reasons in this era for many parents it is difficult to be with their children and give them the time they want, so it has been decided to “cover” this availability with gifts and children’s whims (toys, clothes, money, gadgets electronic devices, etc.) as well as in some cases overprotecting them and ignoring any lack they do either at home, at school or on the street, a situation that in the long term can be detrimental to the emotional and physical development of the infant This is what psychologists call the Rich Kid Syndrome.

However, not all psychologists agree with this name as it is not exclusive to upper-class children, according to pediatrician Ralph Minear “The phenomenon is not seen only in upper-class children. It occurs more frequently in middle-class, ‘comfortable’ families or those who simply aspire to have more assets, more income and better social position ”. But this can have various consequences in the short, medium and long term:

Psychological effects

to. Little tolerant of frustration

, because he is used to having it all he wants no matter how he can get it and if it is within his means or has truly earned it.

b. Becoming a discriminatory person

with the people around him for having the idea that he is worth much more than others and thus having a marginal attitude.

c. Have an attitude of disinterest

for having his own achievements because, having always been given what he wanted, he did not learn to value the things he had and therefore never aroused any real concern or goal in him.

II. Physical effects

These can occur every time the child does not get what he wants: headaches, vomiting, diarrhea.

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What can be done to avoid it?

1. Set limits

One cannot lose sight of the fact that the way in which the child develops is largely the responsibility of the parents, children act according to what they see and what they are allowed to do. That is why it is important to guide them, as stated by the professor of psychology at Arizona State University, Suniya Luthar “in all cases, our duty is… to intervene and do the right thing. Not just loving our children, but setting the proper limits ”regarding their behavior.

2. Enroll you in various activities

A very effective alternative when you cannot be with your children is to put them in some sport, since these will help you to form a discipline, focus your energy and attention on it and exercise. Another option is to learn to do a craft that catches your attention or dance classes or musical instruments. With all of them you will learn, it can help you discover skills, socialize, keep your mind busy and set goals.

3. Give them presence

It is essential that parents do not lose sight of the fact that they will never be able to buy a gift that is worth more than their own presence for their children. Even if it’s the father with the least patience, because the most important thing is his presence for them. Therefore, you should talk with the infant and explain well why they cannot spend a lot of time together, but also propose specific days in which they can provide them with quality.

There is no manual that guides parents on how to educate their children simply because each child is different, the important thing is that everyone learns and seeks to prepare their little one in the best way for their future and that cannot be bought, alone it is achieved with the love of each one.

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