Love Is Not Searched On Google

Virtual love fills the spaces where contact, laughter, hug, tenderness, hope, warmth should enter.

Often emptiness crosses the legs within the heart.

It all started with a simple gift. If I remember correctly, it was his birthday. When Hannah saw the laptop on the bed, she ran to take it in her arms as if it were a love for life. She smiled at her parents and felt so happy. Within a few days, she began to have “friends” with whom to share her tastes and feelings.

Off screen, the world was harsh, cold, and violent for a teenager like her. The rain on the roof hurt her and the steam from the boiler invited her to drink something hot, when others had nothing in life. Her parents loved her, but she couldn’t remember when the last hug was or the last time they told her.

So he clung to his virtual friends. The words slowly faded away, he forgot the sound of his mother’s laughter and the squeak of his father’s chair against the wall. Her parents worried the day she did not want to leave the room, because they could not pay the internet fee that month. She felt so lonely, she remembered that her mother had some sleeping pills in the medicine cabinet. I do not remember everything in details. What I do remember well is the smell of loneliness impregnated on the wall of the room. Her parents crying loudly, and the dog howling in the corner.

Fortunately they were able to kick the door open. An obese doctor scooped her up and ran her off to the ambulance. That afternoon in the emergency room, I thought I saw a giant carrying in his arms a fragile bird, frightened by the void.

New pathologies

The need for love is becoming impossible for many children and adolescents, if not for many adults as well. A generation of people connected to illusion is being born. Virtual love fills the spaces where contact, laughter, hug, tenderness, hope, warmth should enter. There is a growing pathology of heartbreak that settles in the psyche and hurts like a tango, giving way to virtual love.

Double daily portion of love

The relationship with your children is still so special that you should not exclude it from the basic diet. From birth we are destined to be fully realized by love. Loving and feeling loved is still an essential psychological need of every human being. The “good morning” kiss when getting up, the clothes washed and folded on the bed, the warm pajamas with the iron or the stove before going to sleep, the caress in the hair, and the hug at all hours, do not present contraindications .

Love has no favorites

Keep in mind that all your children deserve the same recognition and the same dose of love. Believe it or not, a larger portion of cake for one child and a smaller one for another can generate in them the idea that you love some more than others.

Different feelings

Each human being has different ways of feeling love. Some children prefer touch, they like kisses, caresses. Others need more of the sweet words. There are those who enjoy time together and do not want to know anything about kissing, but they love that you are with them watching television. They are even crazy about gestures and with a simple candy they run off: “Look what Mommy brought me!” Discover how your child feels and love him as he needs.

Dance and play with them

Dancing and playing make it possible to strengthen the bonds of love between parents and children. It also helps them develop their talents and abilities with you and endorphins are released that stimulate union.

Hannah was able to recover once she felt her emptiness fill with the love of her parents. Don’t let your kids believe that love is just a Google word.

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