Love And Money, A Very Good Combination

You could say that a marriage is strong and solid to the extent that the spouses share dreams, goals, projects and money, without any tension or hassle. Here are some good ideas that can help you get there.

I have always said that each couple is a particular, unique and different universe. In a matter of human relationships, there are no established laws but there are constants that, if they appear in a couple, can almost certainly announce the problems that will occur in the future. Here are some constants of couples who have strengthened their love and their wallets.

1. They are honest with their income

In a couple it is very important not to keep secrets, especially when it comes to money. Knowing how much and how income is obtained is essential and, even more important, transparency in how it is spent. The first test of full confidence is “clear accounts.”

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2. They are organized in a realistic and practical way

Each person is educated in the family with certain ideas about money, for example, there are those who trust that only “God will provide” and do not usually save or make many plans with their finances; Others grow up with the habit of saving and may even marry someone “profligate”; there are also those who think that only men work and get the money, or that women should manage what the husband earns.

Regardless of your training in money, it is very important that you and your partner decide how you will organize your money. There are couples that gather their income in a single account and from there they organize their payments and commitments; others decide what each person pays and many other ways. All are valid if it works for them and helps them achieve their goals.

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3. Prepare for eventualities

The phrase that of “when poverty enters the door, love leaves through the window” does not have to be a decreed law of life. We all go through some time of crisis or scarcity and if we have been sincere, honest and smart about money, the relationship will strengthen. But it is also wise to prepare an amount of money specifically destined to face an emergency, this saving can make the great difference between strengthening love and losing it.

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4. They organize their finances without social pressure

Don’t be afraid of what your family, friends or neighbors will say. Do not think about whether you will feel ashamed for not having something new or novelty, learn to say no, to things you do not need, do not want or do not like. Focus on the goals that you and your partner have set and you will see that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Do not be afraid to ask until your doubts are perfectly clarified when you go to buy, open a loan or request a service.

5. Both have a certain amount for personal expenses

Too often parents make great sacrifices for their children and begin to neglect their relationship and their own lives. As tight as your administration is, allow you and your husband to have a small amount to use for something personal, a haircut, a dye, or a taste that they can give themselves. Generous husbands with their wives are especially loved because they recognize the great work they do with their children and in the home. When a woman is dedicated to housework and does not receive an income, having and having an amount of money encourages her and makes her feel good on many levels.

Few things are as good in this life as having a husband you can trust, speak up without fear, and plan a future together. The good things in this world require not only good will but proper planning, effort, and a lot of faith. Money is just one more tool to give well-being to those we love, it is neither good nor bad, it is what we do with it and how we handle it. I wish you the best!

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