Lose Weight, Speeding Up Your Metabolism

An effective way to lose weight is to speed up your metabolism. Following these simple tips will make a difference.

Many women are constantly struggling with weight gain. We try to eat healthy, stay active, and much more, often with little success. Sometimes, it is a bit frustrating to see other women (and not to mention men), who with just a little exercise, lose a lot of weight and very quickly. But why does this happen? Metabolism is the key to that mystery.

Each of us has a particular way of processing and transforming all the chemicals that reach our body, mainly those that come in the form of food. This way of processing them has two peculiarities: one, genetics; two: some of our life habits. Working on our habits can be a very way to speed up our metabolism, expend more energy and therefore lose weight more easily, even when you are resting. Do you want to know how? Put these simple recommendations into practice and you will soon see results.

Drink cold water

We all know that we should drink between one and two and a half liters of water a day (often a little more if you live in hot climates or exercise). Make sure that this water is cold, not icy, cold: that you can drink it easily, it is pleasant and you do not put your health at risk. Our body consumes large amounts of energy when digesting food, and putting it at body temperature consumes even more energy. When you drink cold water, your body consumes calories by heating it, and then digesting it.

Be careful with the water! Don’t let it go, take it all the time

Consume spicy

That’s right, chili contains thermogenetic substances, this means that when you eat it your temperature rises, it itches you and you sweat; digesting it makes your body use more energy as well. Do not abuse eating and adding spice to your diet, as you can also hurt your digestive system. All wisely, please.

Walk daily for 30 minutes

Walk, walk, walk. Take 30 minutes a day to walk and move your arms, then you can take a shower with fresh water or as cold as you can tolerate; your body will expend more energy trying to warm up and then while you rest it will continue to consume your energy reserves while rebuilding muscles. Whether you’re in the office or at home, seek to move, stretch, and do push-ups; your body will be constantly consuming energy and, therefore, you will lose weight.

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Consume green tea

This is a very healthy tea, mainly look for the one that does not contain caffeine. Drink it like water every day and remember: drink it cold.

Eat five meals a day

A good breakfast no later than 30 minutes after you wake up, then mid-morning you can have a light lunch. Then, make your meal, a snack or collation in the afternoon, and finally a simple dinner. This keeps your body working on digesting and, as we already said, this consumes energy. Furthermore, the body understands that it should not make “reserves”, as there is a constant inflow of food.

Forget about sugar

Remove sugar from your diet, it is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and your family. Consume the natural sugars that fruits contain or a little honey, but in truth, eliminate sugar from your diet. Doing this will deflate your belly. The health of your blood and your whole organism will improve considerably.

For this we will see our children die, and not them us

Get a little cold

Do not wear sweaters or coats at the first wind you feel: let your body work a little to raise its temperature and stay warm. Again you are making your body work a little more.

These recommendations are really simple and easy to follow. If you incorporate them into your exercise routines and healthy diet, your metabolism will change, you will see great advances and your efforts will be rewarded. Don’t lose heart, continue in your efforts to take care of your health and offer your family a quality life.

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