Lose Kilos Without Losing Money: 5 Tricks To Speed Up Metabolism And Lose Weight

These recommendations will help you put your body to “work” even when you are resting and achieve your goals of maintaining your healthy weight.

Do you know what they mean when they talk about basal metabolism? Not? You’ll be surprised! The basal metabolism is nothing more than the amount of energy -minimal, by the way- that your body uses to develop all its basic functions when you are at rest. So if we can increase the amount of energy we expend even when we are at rest, the result will be to continue losing weight even while resting and not just while exercising. Sounds pretty interesting right?

How to put this into practice? Simple: if you follow these recommendations -five tricks, I call them- you will be able to activate and even accelerate your metabolism throughout the day and especially when resting or going to sleep and, therefore, little by little regain your ideal weight:

1. Prefers cold water

Consume the water you drink during the day from cool to cold: in this way, your body will use more energy than usual when seeking to heat it and leave it at your body temperature; that’s where the acceleration of your metabolism begins.

Some people recommend drinking green tea; however, there is no hard data to ensure that the tea actually works, yet you don’t lose much by trying.

2. Get hooked! Consume spicy

By consuming spicy -without abusing, of course- or other spices, your body expends more amounts of energy, as it begins to sweat to refresh the organism, since spicy is a thermo-genetic food and considerably increases the temperature of the body.

Sweating is great, so now think about all the activities that make you sweat and try to do them.

3. Eat more times a day …

… But with wisdom! Eating three meals and two snacks during the day will keep your body constantly working and, therefore, will expend more calories. Take small portions of seeds or proteins, salads or some fruit with little sugar – never fried! and you will begin to see results in your clothes: it will start to look much better, you will look good and you will feel great.

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Do not rule out the idea of ​​visiting your nutritionist and asking for the best meal plan according to your age, weight and work rate.

4. Sleep with few blankets

Staying cool or a little cold forces your body to spend fuel heating up, but do not overdo it and put your health at risk, just make your body work a little more so that it uses up the accumulated energy and converted into fat.

Drink some water before going to sleep or a cup of ginger tea, a natural anti-inflammatory that will help you rest better.

5. Take brisk walks, and stop …

… For example, in your office: climb the stairs as fast as you can and when you reach the desired floor, walk at a calm pace. Later, she energetically uses the stairs again and then walks. You can also speed up your pace while walking, this increases your heartbeat a little and then slows down. Doing this will keep you active and the energy you use will be much greater than what you normally use.

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Depending on your physical condition, do the following: walk a little and then run a few sections, walk again and run a little harder than the first time, stop and walk again; If you do this for 30 to 40 minutes a day, your body will continue to expend energy even when you are at rest.

Losing weight is a process, just think about how long it took you to become overweight and then give yourself at least as much time to lose it. Do not look for “miracle solutions” that promise you to lose weight quickly or with little effort, usually that, in the long run, is very dangerous, expensive and can have serious consequences on your health.

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