Looking For A Babysitter? Privilege Of The Mother

Finding someone you trust to take care of our children is not an easy task, but with these tips you can relax a bit.

Finding someone who can take care of your children while you work or study can be stressful. It is an extremely delicate matter, to the extent that today there are specialized schools for babysitters. And, although there are specialized places to hire babysitters, a mother is not always satisfied, nor does she always know how to choose better. Do not lose your peace of mind, because to help you in this I have prepared this article, in which I include some guidelines so that you can find someone suitable for such an important task:

Prepare a short interview

You need to know the background and experience she has in handling children. That is why it is necessary that you have time, at least a few weeks, to summon the interested parties and decide, calmly, which is the most suitable to carry out the job.

Ask your friends for recommendations

It is always good to interview the people recommended by your close circle, especially if they are women who are mothers and who have a thorough and in-depth understanding of how they care for young children.

Look at his age

Sometimes it is better to choose someone with a little more experience than a young woman who has never dealt with children.

Don’t overlook his personal presentation

This is vital, because children learn from what they see, and if they interact with a person who looks unkempt and dirty they will think that it is a normal way of life and will begin to imitate it.

Take a good look at their way of speaking

The way we speak reflects a lot about us, so it is necessary that the person who is going to take care of your children speaks clearly, modulates well and, of course, does not swear that children can innocently repeat.

Ask her what she expects from the job

This will help you to know their real interests and expectations for the development of this activity.

Check the data I give you

It is important that each piece of information that she gives you during the interview is corroborated by yourself. Remember that there are many cases of people who, bordered by unemployment, lie to get a job.

Don’t keep any questions to yourself

It is important that at the end of the interview you do not get the feeling that things were missing to know; If necessary, write down what you want to know about each applicant for the position.

Set a trial time

In this period, you will be able to observe their skills as a babysitter, their knowledge and strategies to face your children. It begins by assigning small tasks, in order to generate a natural approach with the children; this way everyone can begin to get to know her better and gain confidence in the relationship.

Set clear schedules

It is important for children to have routines that help them create habits and stay safe. This is why I recommend that you give her, in written form, the times for bathing, meals, recreation, etc.

Make it clear who to turn to in an emergency

You need to provide the phone numbers of people you can go to in an emergency.

You must be clear that nobody will take care of your children like you, but you can always build a relationship based on trust with whoever will be at home while you work or study. It does not matter if you will be away from home for a few hours; It is essential that, when closing the door, insecurity is not your daily company.

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