Long Distance Love ?: 4 Myths And 4 Realities To Consider Before Starting A Relationship Of This Type

If you and your partner are not sure about continuing your love affair at a distance, you should definitely read the following.

It is quite interesting that many writers – ancient and contemporary – have taken up the theme of love at a distance to write some of the greatest works of literature. A clear example of this is found in Homer’s Odyssey , a work that, in part, narrates the many vicissitudes that Ulysses and Penelope suffer, after being separated for long years.

Indeed, there has always been talk of the great advantages and disadvantages of maintaining a long-distance love relationship. The classic phrases, “you there and he here”, “you near and he far”, “we are separated but we love each other”, are simple words that in the end only leave lovers the consolation of yearning or separating.

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However, and despite what the great poets, philosophers and society in general have said for centuries, today, it is known that there are various myths and realities that must be considered regarding love at a distance.

So, if right now you – my dear reader – find yourself doubtful about starting a relationship of this type, I share some of those myths and realities that will help you make this important decision.


1. It will fool you!

The best-known myth that exists, regarding long distance relationships, is the outright claim that he will cheat on you! No matter how good or faithful you have been before, distance will make you the worst of infidels!

eye! this is not entirely true. If that man you have decided to love has shown you that he is loyal, faithful and sincere, you do not have to think that being away will change. Perhaps, if with the distance he gets to know someone else and feels that yours is not working, you should trust that he will be as sincere as ever.

Of course, if the guy you are with has already shown you his tendency to be unfaithful and disloyal, then this myth may be a reality for you.

2. He will stop loving you!

In the same way, it is a myth that with distance you stop loving someone who has been extremely important in life. So, forget about that idea that he can stop loving you! If throughout the time you have known him, he has shown you with actions how much he loves you and how important you are to him, you can be sure that he will hardly stop loving you.

Although, in effect, distance can make love weak if it is not fed correctly.

3. He will forget you!

It is likely that, on more than one occasion, they have told you that with distance he will forget you. Which, you should not consider as true, since the heart and mind never forget anyone who inhabited them with genuine love.

4. He will stop thinking about you!

The fact that they are distant is not reason enough for them to stop thinking. Regardless of the experiences and circumstances that both of them live – they decide to stay together or separate – they will always give each other more than one thought a day.

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1. Love will get stronger or weaker

While it is true that it must take a long time for your love to end, it is also true that, if you do not worry about strengthening it with more details and actions than normal, it can weaken.

2. They will meet other people

It is no secret that both of you will have the opportunity to meet new people with whom you agree more and feel comfortable. Therefore, they are likely to make an important decision regarding their relationship.

3. They will become emotionally distant

Certainly, physical distance can lead to emotional distancing where, if they want to keep their relationship, they will have to work hard.

4. At some point they will have to decide whether to continue or to separate

Finally, when deciding to start a long distance relationship, you must know that the difficult but crucial moment will come when both of you must accept whether distance has become your ally or a huge frontier for your hearts.

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