Loneliness, My Worst Enemy?

You are not alone, you always have God and you always have yourself. Read here some simple ways to face loneliness.

Much of my life has been spent alone. I have a wonderful family and great friends, I have enjoyed their company and affection, but, we have to be honest, everyone has to live their life. On special dates it is not always possible to meet, so I have spent birthdays and Christmas without a hug. My office is at home, and on many occasions the only people with whom I have spoken a word during the day have been the doorman of some building where I lived or the lady at the supermarket. For some this can be strange, and even depressing, but for others it is so common that they feel identified with every word I have written so far.

We are sociable beings by nature. The Abraham Maslow pyramid, or hierarchy of human needs, formulates that affiliation, the desire for protection, affection and friendship are among the basic needs of the human being, and that they demand to be covered so that he can feel self-realized. Despite this, due to different circumstances, many human beings are faced with physical loneliness, while others may be accompanied, but their hearts only harbor feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

I want to share with you in this article how I have overcome the fear of being alone, and I do not make a utopia of loneliness, nor do I promote it, because nothing replaces love, affection, support and the company of family, loved ones and friends; Only if, for some reason, at some point in your life you come face to face with loneliness, do not fear it, learn to face it and make a good friend and companion of it:

You’re never alone

if you have God in your heart and you have yourself. In the end, no matter how much company you have, you will always feel alone and empty without these fundamental pillars in the life of every person.

Trust in a supreme being restores peace and tranquility, gives you the feeling that everything is under control, that it does not depend only on you and your strength, that there is someone who loves you and cares about you, and that that someone created you and is attentive to your needs. When you trust in that supreme force, miracles are always possible and the sun always shines, even if you refuse to see it.

On the other hand, with that force that the presence of God imprints on you is your own inner strength, because alone or accompanied you will always need yourself, so learn to love yourself, to trust yourself, to accept yourself as you are; reconcile with yourself, feel your company, give yourself affection. But, you ask yourself, how is it to give affection to myself? Get out of bed, draw the curtains and open the windows, let the sun in and the air flow, clean your space, you deserve a cool and pleasant place where you can feel comfortable; eat well and, at the indicated times, exercise, dress up, wear your favorite clothes and apply a lotion; You don’t need anyone around to do these things, nor do you require a different motivation than your own desire to feel good.

Try to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones

. I already mentioned it at the beginning, it is not always easy to meet with family and friends, but today there are no excuses! Call, write.

Give meaning to your life

. Dream, set goals, make resolutions.

Work on what you like

. Today I work at home doing what I like, but over twenty-two years I worked for different companies; I grew up professionally and experienced countless satisfactions. The most pleasant of all were the people I met, many of whom are still my friends today; However, one day I realized that no matter how much prestige and money I earned, I was not happy, and I voluntarily left my last job. Today I dedicate myself to doing what I like, and I feel more calm and at peace with myself.

Find yourself again

. Loneliness is a time to look inward. You will not always be alone, so take advantage of those moments to do introspection exercises, to look at yourself respectfully and with affection, without criticizing or mocking; fighting to find the way to change what you don’t like about yourself and follow the stronger route. Open your mind, discard negative thoughts and receive with joy and faith new ideas and ways of seeing life.

Sing, dance, travel

. You don’t need company to do these things. Many people do not make them to wait for others. A friend published some beautiful photos of a heavenly place. I said, “How beautiful, who did you go with?” And he replied, “With Olga Fernanda (herself), I got tired of waiting for someone to come with me.”


It is the best way to find you, and the best company you can ever imagine.


It is a valuable exercise, and you could support yourself in this reading https://fasadmilias.com/escrib-la-vida-para-entenderla-y-aprender-de-ella.

Is loneliness a bad counselor?

Of course not, you decide how you take it on, because only your inability to deal with it will make you throw yourself into the wrong people and places.

Loneliness is not a permanent state. I see her as a temporary friend, to whom I thank her for her immense company, her learning and, above all, the strength she gives me; with faith and trust I always look to the future.

I want to recommend several books that can help you: Happiness is in you , by Octavio Aceves; The day you love yourself , by MarĂ­a Cecilia Betancur and Ricardo Maya Correa, Play for you .

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