Life Gave Me No Sisters. But She Made Up For Me With These Types Of Friends

Friends are said to be sisters by choice. If life did not give them to you, surely you have thousands of friends to thank and this article is for you.

I was not blessed with siblings. Perhaps this is why there are many things in daily links that I do not understand. I live it in an ordinary way with my children and in the way they have to resolve their conflicts at home. However, I am grateful with life, because not having siblings has made me value friendship above all else and I have met many wonderful people in my life. Surely you too, and you will feel identified in this classification of friends.

The “all-terrain” friend

It is the one you can always count on and for all kinds of things. It is the one that you can call at any time of the morning and that will always be ready to help you. It is the one that you authorize to withdraw your children from school and that you know that for a few hours you can perfectly fulfill your role as mother.

Childhood friend

You may not know for sure what has happened to her life now, but with her you shared valuable moments of your childhood and that are part of your history and your training. Maybe today you don’t know much about her life, but if you tell her about something that was valuable in your past, she can project you and clearly remember that moment that was very important to you.

The friend at a distance

She is that friend who despite the years and the distances continues to be as if time had not passed. They are the ones that you visit very from time to time or with whom you sometimes talk on the phone and thus regain the link. They are the ones that remain in the heart so intact that friendship recovers as soon as you hear their voice.

The iron friends

They are the ones who are always in the wrong Those who always have a word of support and know about your struggles. They are the ones that never leave you alone when they know something is happening to you. You know that if you ever need help, you can go to them without fear or qualms. They are capable of crossing oceans just to help you.

The counselor friends

They always hit the mark. The wisest and companions, know how to give the right advice at the appropriate time. You always listen to them because you learn and their advice helps you grow.

Complicated friends

: they are the ones who are always busy because their own world overflows them. You know that you can not always locate them, or meet, or talk with them, but that does not mean they stop being friends. You understand that friendship is not lost even if the circumstances are not favorable, because you know that they love you even if their own reality does not allow them to show it to you.

The elusive friends

When they need your hearing they call you and are present but when all is well in their lives, they disappear. They seek your support in bad times and if you are depressed they are erased. We must not judge them, because friends, like brothers, must be accepted as they are. It does not mean that they are bad people, just that they may not have the strength to accompany you in bad times. It is up to you to accept them as they are and continue to enjoy their friendship … in good times.

The “good vibes” friends

They are the ones that always make a smile spring from your soul. You go to them in moments of unease because they will surely free your soul of much weight. They do not have to be confidants, nor do you have to tell them your sorrows. They accompany you when you need to laugh for a while and forget your routine.

In fact, like all classifications, this one is imperfect and not very fair. There will be many friends who occupy various places and others all. My intention is that you see yourself reflected in them and value the precious treasure that is friendship. If a friend only occupies one or two places, it does not mean that she stops being your friend. Also look at the places you occupy for them, and that each one can see how they give in their right measure. The value of friendship, for it to be with all the letters, is to be authentic and give what one can give even if it is not totally. Feel lucky to have good friends, varied and different, because this will mean that your life is full of unconditional love and sincere love.

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