Letters From The Dead: This Woman Has Dedicated Her Life To Carrying Messages From Those Who Died To Their Families On The Indicated Dates

An impressive job.

Losing a loved one is always a complicated issue for anyone and it is that many times it happens that on some special date, you think “how I would like (that someone who died) to say something to me at a time like this”, because precisely something that is what a business that is causing revolution all over the world has to do with.

If you want to know what it is about, then we share the details of «To You From Beyond», a new company that you will surely find very interesting to know.

What is “To You From Beyond”?

It is the company created by Linda Rubino, which, according to the Littlethings.com portal, is becoming the sensation of the moment. She is a nurse whose specialty is dealing with terminally ill patients who are about to pass away.

How does the company work?

“To You From Beyond” is a company that helps family members who pass away to express to the people who remain a special feeling on an important date for them. Linda is in charge of saving the letters written by hand by the people who are no longer there and giving them to their relatives at the time indicated by the deceased.


For example, on a birthday, a prom or even a wedding day. Linda has the right letters from those people who passed away and she takes care of delivering them to them, what better gift than a handwritten letter from a person who is gone?

Regarding this topic, Linda confesses that “it is a special gift, having a letter written by hand in the handwriting of that person is something surprising for anyone.”

You can do it at any time in your life

When you request the services of “To You From Beyond” the company sends you a kit with which you can write the letter, to which you will also write down the name and address of the person to whom you will send it as well as the important date. Another piece of information that is requested is an emergency contact, for anything. Linda will be in charge of keeping that document safe until the moment of delivery, if for some reason, the address becomes wrong and the letter is returned, then, she will do everything possible to find that person to deliver that gift. so special.

Linda has commented that this business has been very interesting, since it gives people who die the possibility of saying everything they wanted to say without leaving any pending and thus being able to rest in peace as it should be.

This type of service has surprised many people who find it incredible to receive information from someone who died, imagine that, on your wedding day or some important event, you could receive a congratulatory note from that person that you lost and that you miss so much, Super interesting !, don’t you think?

When contact with that loved one who is no longer there is impossible, discovering a message or that word for which we would give anything to hear again, this almost magical option becomes a miracle.

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