Letter From A Man To His Soul Soul, After She Married Another

Do you remember that amazing friend you had? Well, this is what he felt when you married someone else.

Do you remember that amazing friend you had? Well, this is what he felt when you got married.

We were inseparable for years; best friends. You and I against the world. Then he arrived. You are married now, and this is what I want you to know.

Things change

We have had some amazing times together, but I recognize that you are practically about to disappear from my life. That hurts. It hurts much. I’m not your man anymore.

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You are madly in love with your husband, and that is wonderful. It should be that way, but that means that I will slowly disappear until I am lost in the bustle of life. I just know that I’m going to miss you.

I get it

Must be like this. Marriage is a great commitment. Unfortunately, being faithful to your partner means cutting ties or drastically reducing the time you spend with other men, including your friends.

I admit that it would look bad if we continued our jokes throughout the day, then returned home at night to your husband. It would not be appropriate. I’ve accepted it, even though it still hurts.

I’m a little jealous

We’ve known for years that we would never be together romantically – our friendship was too perfect for that, but I’m jealous of your husband. I’m jealous of the time he spends with you every day. I’m jealous of the jokes you’re now going to have with him instead of the ones we had. I’m even jealous of the difficult times they will go through together .

I also have a bit of bitterness

Your husband is a great guy. He is everything you’ve ever wanted. He’s good for you, and you’re perfect for him, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to like him. I will treat it well. I know there’s no reason why I shouldn’t like him, other than the fact that he’s pulling you away from me, but I can’t blame him for that.

I should be grateful for the time we’ve had, and I am. Time heals all wounds, and I’m sure I’ll feel a lot better after you read all of this. One day soon, I will also find my better half, and I will also feel the happiness that you feel.

I will probably never tell you all this

I fully recognize how selfish (not to mention how dramatic) I am, which is why I will probably never tell you these things. You know I don’t like to talk about my feelings.

Most likely, I would express these emotions to you through a fight that we would have over something silly. But your marriage is a sacred thing, and I don’t want to screw it up.

I am really happy for you

It is true. It’s hard to show it honestly, but I’m so happy that you found that special someone. He is a very lucky guy. I knew this day would come eventually (either for you, or for me), and I know that you are going to have the best time of your life.

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Thank you …

… for all. It was fun, friend. Now, enough of this self-indulgent feast of compassion. Go have fun! I’m sure we’ll see you there. Our children are going to be friends. Never get old and boring. And please don’t saturate my Facebook wall with pictures of your babies and your tributes to your husband.

Goodbye, baby!

Translated and adapted by Mariel Reimann from 7 things you want to say to your soulmate when she marries another guy, by David Snell of FamilyShare.

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