Let’s Make Christmas Fashionable!

I want to invite you to something simpler and more complex than dressing up as Santa Claus or singing Christmas carols: I want to make a trend, and that you do it with me: that together we can make the Christmas spirit fashionable! Let’s put mod

I will honor Christmas in my heart and

I will try to keep it throughout the year.

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

I do not come to propose that you dress in red, white and wear a long false beard like Santa Claus, nor that you sing Christmas carols just to be in line with the season, if those are not your wishes. I do not come to ask you to change the decoration of your house, or to cut an innocent pine tree to dispose of it a month later. No, I do not intend that.

On the contrary, I want to invite you to something simpler and more complex at the same time: I want to make a trend, and that you do it with me: together we can make the Christmas spirit fashionable!

What is that spirit about?

Because Christmas is full of meanings, symbols and attachments. Because if we had to describe Christmas in one word, that would be ” love.”

There is no other time in which we feel more empathetic with our peers than in this last month of the year, which always encourages us to get the best of ourselves.

Let’s make it fashionable because it is when the cold begins, our heart becomes warm in the desire for a future that, at this time, we feel that it always smiles at us.

Let’s make Christmas fashionable because it is a family union. Rarely do we try and make such effort to spend happy moments and fraternal coexistence that create special memories in each one of us.

Because life is to enjoy

If something characterizes these dates, it is the festive mood that can be seen and breathed everywhere, in the flickering lights, flowers and arrangements and in the delicious aroma of such typical foods.

Let’s make Christmas fashionable because we need the harmony of these times, that will that is present to us to forget grievances and misunderstandings, and only then do we have to spend it well and in peace.

For the altruism that infects us and we infect when the temperature drops and we feel the cold of others as our own, the pain of others so ours.

For the desire to be together. And it is that when Easter comes our heart longs for another that beats close to it, and if there is something we are urged for, it is to bring our hearts closer.

Let’s make Christmas fashionable with its messages and traditions, but above all with those values ‚Äč‚Äčthat promote the most sensitive part of our humanity.

Let’s give effect to that Christmas spirit in which we lose our fear of ridicule and what is unacceptable is to remain immune to kitsch, illusion, optimism, faith and the desire to be better; to deserve new emotions, to take advantage of opportunities, which never nest in our spirits as at this time and drive us for the next twelve months.

Let’s make Christmas fashionable and give thanks for it, giving thanks for what we have today, evoking with affection and gratitude our yesterday, but above all holding on to the future with hope. Amen!

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