Let Your Children Play! Know The Benefits

One of the methods that teachers use for their students to learn is to play, so do the same at home and learn why you should let your children enjoy it as a game all the time.

Has it happened to you that the teacher tells you that your children are distracted by playing in the classroom? And how many times do we tell our children to stop playing so they can do something else? With the intention that our children learn to be both responsible and orderly, the measure that we follow the most is to shorten their fun time; But I found that playing can go hand in hand with learning, so I let my son play all the time. In other words, the game is the method that most teachers follow, within a classroom, for students to better understand and reason knowledge. In this article I want you to know these four benefits of playing:

1. Regulates mood and reduces anxiety

All games (table or outdoor) that are played individually or in teams pursue goals and seek to overcome obstacles, either to obtain a reward or to see the objective of the game fulfilled. Competition makes your children strive to be better, and by competing in a healthy way they will learn to control their emotions and their mood will improve by being active during the game.

This empowers your brain and body, reduces the possibility of anxiety and improves your attitude to everyday life.

2. Promotes attention and memory

In order to retain information and understand it in a simple way, the ideal is to play and relate what has been learned in the game to everyday life. When playing, concentration is enhanced, because children pay more attention to the rules, the procedure and their “opponents”, analyzing possibilities and maneuvers. In general, your senses will be more alert. Most games develop memory abilities, which is ideal for proper learning in your studies.

3. Helps develop creativity

If we allow our children to choose which game to play without setting or imposing one, you encourage them to develop imagination and creativity. With practice they will be able to make up fantastic stories themselves. Then, thanks to the development of imagination, it will be easier for you to adapt, seek alternatives and solutions to any daily situation.

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4. You will find new skills

Allow your child to paint, play an instrument, dance, sing, cook, act, create their own games, etc., in this way their intellectual and imaginative development will be optimal and they may discover skills that they did not know were there.

Not long ago, here in this post, you must have read this article: 3 Ways They Are Murdering Your Children Without You Realizing It. The article talks about how our society tends to make adults in our little ones. We are murdering children. Our children need to play, not only because extracurricular activities rob them of too much time of life, but because playing favors the physical and mental development of children. There are social skills and a particular development that can only be achieved through play. Convince yourself: your child, by playing, is learning and accumulating knowledge.

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