Learn To Dress Your Body

There are two phrases that make the importance of clothing quite clear, one is “How they see you they treat you”, and the other, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. That is how relevant it is to know how to dress.

I’m not a fashion consultant, although the truth is that clothing is a topic that I really like. In fact, I must confess that when I’m alone with nothing else to do, I start to try on outfits. Just as a personal technique to put me in a good mood.

Anyone would believe that it is so in most women. But I must say that I am not so sure, especially when in the street I see so many women wearing clothes that do not suit them. Garments that, far from making them shine in all their splendor, either excessively expose their body or, the opposite, hide their entire person.

Such is the case of those who wear huge and shapeless shirts. Or, on the contrary, of those who prefer pants several sizes below the real one. Garments that the only thing they get is that the body looks unpleasant bulges sticking out everywhere.

I like to watch fashion shows on television. According to them, the ideal of a female body is one that has the shape of an hourglass, of course not all women have that type of body. However, it is possible to obtain it with neither more nor less than clothes!

There are two phrases that make the importance of clothing quite clear, one is: “How they see you they treat you.” The other: “dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” That is how relevant it is to know how to dress.

What to keep in mind when dressing your body

1. Compensates

The idea is to balance our zones. So if you have a wide back, try to use pieces at the bottom to give volume to hide the problem. Or, if you have a prominent bust, say no to necklines that are too deep and too loaded necklaces, and opt for clothes that fit below the breast to highlight the waist.

2. Wear clothes in your size

The shirts must close without the unpleasant “snap” showing. The seams of the blouses must be at the height of the shoulders, if they are too high it is because the size is very small. If, on the contrary, the seam falls towards the arm, the garment is too big for you. Important: clothing that rises and shows the navel is prohibited. And the pants should not be chubby, or hurt your skin.

3. Make friends with accessories

Larger areas should not be overloaded, use belts to shape your body. Accentuate your attributes, and draw attention away from the places you want to hide. Hair is an excellent accessory: keep it healthy, clean and with styles that give light to your face.

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4. Choose your underwear

You may think that this is not important, because it is hidden. But the truth is, a bad choice can ruin any outfit. It is important that your underwear fits your body correctly but, in the same way, it should not be the protagonist.

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5. Accept yourself

It doesn’t matter what you wear: if you don’t feel comfortable with yourself, and with the clothes that cover you, we have a big problem. Because confidence is one of the greatest attractions that a woman can convey.

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Keep in mind that a characteristic of the female body is its curves. If you don’t have them, try to create them with your wardrobe, and if you have them, wear them in an elegant and feminine way, never in a vulgar way. Remember that the first impression can condition if they give us the opportunity for a second.

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