Leadership And Motherhood Go Hand In Hand

A leading mother, a woman who exercises leadership in all aspects of life. We need more women like this!

Women who have the opportunity to work outside the home often receive trainings, training and many teachings regarding leadership. Some of us even develop executive positions and occupy positions of “leadership”, personnel management and direction, and indeed we can become highly effective. However, when we return home many times we forget those teachings or principles and, in this way, we lose the enormous opportunity to develop the skills of a leader in our children and make our family life more efficient.

Below you will find some basic principles that you can take up, teach and implement in your home. They are easy to learn and practice, you’ll see!

1. Be grateful

That is, expressing gratitude for what your husband and children do for you and for you and for others. This is not about saying “thank you” for everything that happens. It’s not even about just saying the “magic words”: please and thank you as many times as necessary. Rather, it goes further: it is feeling genuinely and sincerely grateful for what that person is, does, or says. A few days ago, the gas dispenser at the station I frequent, while filling the tank, told me about the problems that her teenage daughter causes her. This young woman trusted me to tell me about her suffering and to vent. I tried to encourage him, paid my bill and thanked him. She interrupted me saying. “You’re welcome; it’s my job, ”she said, referring to work as a dispatcher. So I said, “No! Thank you for the effort you make for your daughter, she will soon do the right thing, you’ll see. I started the car and drove off. My third daughter, also a teenager, who was accompanying me observed and listened to the conversation, I turned to her and said: “Dany, thank you for all the good decisions you make, I thank you very much for all your effort.” Tears welled up in her and in me. Be grateful, every day there is someone who will have a better day for your attention, of course, but when you make an effort to be grateful, you become a more humble person and willing to learn and help. And that is being a true leader.

2. Develop good habits

You know, the ones your parents and teachers tried hard to instill in you when you were little. Greet, adjust your chair, lift your dishes and table utensils, leave your place clean, be punctual, be clean and neat, take care of your breath, wash your hands and teeth, change your underwear daily, (yes, as well as you read it) eat with silverware, say hello, be friendly and helpful… and the list is endless! Pick one or two habits and develop them until they can be a hallmark of you. Remember: a good habit is the mark of an educated person.

3. Work on your self-discipline

Mastering not only your character, but your mind, your mouth and your body. Yes, I know what you are thinking: That is very difficult! I know, and I agree with you. Trust me! I fight against myself daily. I try to control my thoughts or restrain my language. It is not easy at all, but little by little I have had some improvements. Do some exercise, set simple goals and little by little you will be in control of yourself, that will make you a reliable person and easy to want to follow and emulate.

Every day that much needed self-control becomes more expensive

4. Spend time looking for non-guilty solutions

I love the phrase that says “Don’t let problems be more important than people.”

Learn to apologize to your children, and they will grow up healthier

A leader is not one who leads. It is the one that inspires others to excel and seek happiness. Be the first to improve yourself and be happy. Your family will appreciate it!

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