Know Your Husband’s Language

Although sometimes it is very difficult for you, understanding your husband’s language will help you enjoy your marriage and allow yourself to be pampered.

On many occasions I don’t understand anything my husband tells me. And it’s not because you don’t want to pay attention or don’t want to hear it, on the contrary. But while my thoughts are focused on the activities that I have to do in the immediate future, his only turn to certain events that he lives in his present.

At times I think we don’t speak the same language, has it happened to you? And not only because he talks about his favorite sports or a science fiction comic or movie, but in everyday life his priorities are so different from mine! I do not believe that it is possible for any woman to speak the language of men, however, we can know and understand them in order to live in harmony. To make it clear to you what I’m talking about, I leave you four actions that they perform, analyzing them can help you understand their language.

1. They are providers

By nature or because they were so taught by their parents, they take on the role of providing for the family; in my opinion that is correct. In order not to fall into a meaningless discussion with your husband, in case you contribute to family expenses or manage the economy, I recommend that you recognize and understand that it is important for him to continue being that provider, because that is how he was educated.

Some marriages struggle because of this when the wife has a higher income than her husband, leaving him to lose control and feel disappointed and frustrated.

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2. They are protective

One of the functions that men acquire within the family is the idea that they are protectors, that they must provide security to all members of the household. Therefore, you must understand that two watchdogs, a metal structure throughout your house and millions of alarms, are not a replacement for your husband.

Sometimes his desire to protect the family exceeds the limits of overprotection, for example, he does not let you walk a block under the rays of the sun to wish your well-being and protect you, or he does not feed his children ice cream so that they do not get sick. I invite you to reflect and understand that it is wonderful to always have him for the security you need.

3. They are the strong ones

Don’t try to carry something very heavy, such as a flowerpot, table, or moving a refrigerator. Their manhood says it all: they feel they are the ones in charge of performing the tasks that require strength at home. You will always be that fragile woman who should not move anything, although of course it is not so bad! Allow yourself to be pampered but not to higher degrees, let him do the heavy lifting, but don’t ask him to open a can of tuna for you.

4. They are the tireless in intimacy

There is a saying that men think only about sex, I’m not sure about it, but that has been made us think by the media. We know that they are the ones who initiate intimate relationships and when a woman begins it may seem strange to them. It is an excellent idea for women to start with intimacy from time to time to get out of the routine and strengthen the bonds in their marriage, however they feel comfortable taking control.

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As women, for our sake and to avoid any discussion, it is better than knowing that they like to be the protectors, providers, the strong and tireless in privacy. Know their language and don’t try to confront or challenge them. Let them be and enjoy your relationship.

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