Know The True Meaning Of The 5 Strangest And Most Common Dreams Of The Human Being

Dreams can be more shocking than you imagine for all that they can reflect. DISCOVER what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

If I were to ask you right now if you remember what you dreamed today, you may be able to remember with great effort one or two dreams at most, if not none. Although the human being is always dreaming, he cannot always remember it.

Depending on what you dreamed, you could do it, if it was something very shocking, it would even wake you up with a start, crying or with great anguish. In other cases, the memory can return when you do something that takes you to sleep or even at a time when you are relaxed (bathing, exercising).

Everything that refers to the study of the brain is very interesting, but when it comes to what people dream of it is even more enigmatic due to the diversity of subjects, its realism, its origin, etc.

In this regard, some experts have devoted themselves to studying it for years, such as the UK psychologist, Ian Wallace, who stated that «creating a dream is a natural response to the resolution of all the emotional tensions that we find ourselves in. our daily life. The dreams we tend to remember are the ones that were most emotional for us.

For the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, dreams are the results of the daily life of man as an individual (personal unconscious) or groups of people, humanity as a whole (collective unconscious). The purpose of dreams is to compensate in some way what each human being lives daily serving as balance.

On the other hand, therapeutic work with dreams serves as a tool to identify complexes and to recognize patterns of behavior that may be affecting the patient.

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1. Fly

Having the ability or power to move freely through the air means that you have freed yourself of a burden that was disturbing you, which did not allow you to move freely through the bindings some “bindings”.

2. Fall

When this happens it is because you are in a fragile state, in which you feel afraid of losing something like love, a friendship, money, prestige and along with this you can experience feelings of panic, fear, terror, confusion, etc.

3. A deceased

The loss of a loved one is always a very hard event for anyone, that is why dreaming about it alive is recurrent because your mind refuses to accept that it is no longer with you.

4. Die

One of the most shocking visions you can have is seeing yourself dead, which can mean that there is something in your life that is not serving you, which should lead you to a personal analysis and a change to have a better life.

5. Natural disasters

A big storm, a cyclone, a heavy snowfall, an earthquake, etc., projects a strong fear that your subconscious feels for something that may happen, or it may be a social and emotional problem.

Although it has not yet been possible to know much about this topic, it can be ensured that they are all related to what each person (individually) lives and sometimes it can also be a warning of things that do not allow you to be happy. So start paying more attention to what they are telling you, maybe you can improve your life and do it more fully.

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