Know The 10 Toxic Effects Of Pornography

The danger of pornography is not that it is right or wrong to consume it. Rather, it is related to the effects it causes on those who use it and on their relationships.

The danger of pornography has not so much to do with whether it is right or wrong to consume it, but rather with the effects it causes on the person who uses it and on their partner. The use of pornography has serious and very negative effects, which are considered really toxic. Some of them are:

1. Create emotional ties to an artificial world

All human beings urgently need human contact and emotional connection with others. When someone watches pornography, they create a bond of intimacy with something artificial, with an unreal world and they may lose the ability to bond with real people.

2. Sex without emotional closeness

Pornography is about using sex for reasons that are the wrong ones, because it is a type of sex without emotional closeness and affective hunger is unsatisfied. The viewer begins to wonder what is wrong in their personal relationships and may become irritated or depressed. As a result, you experience an emotional emptiness and disconnection from the people around you.

3. Dissatisfaction

Although at first the use of pornography can be exciting, over time it generates a feeling of emptiness, low self-esteem and a deep loneliness. Lastly, create a great emotional distance in relationships. This happens because the world of pornography is artificial and cannot satisfy the need for emotional intimacy. And because that basic need remains unsatisfied, an insatiable thirst ensues.

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4. The cycle of addiction is triggered

Studies have shown that when someone has an addiction, the functions of their brain change. And all changes are the same in all addictions: alcohol, drugs or pornography. The excessive use of pornography can become an addiction. For that reason, viewers cannot stop watching sex of their own free will. Porn addicts will have to go through the same difficult recovery process that drug addicts go through.

5. Frustration

On many occasions, people use pornography for pleasure and to escape feelings of low self-esteem, anxiety, boredom, and frustration. That attitude to the aforementioned feelings creates a door for addiction. When the surge of pleasure wears off, the feelings that person was trying to run away from reappear stronger than ever, forcing him to repeat the cycle. Over time, brain chemistry is altered and an addiction occurs, with all its letters.

6. Big disappointment

At first, the person is attracted to pornography due to the positive emotions it generates (they usually think: “I love feeling this force”, “It is my favorite hobby”, “I feel alone”, I give after a difficult day ยป). As time passes, the person begins to feel emotions opposite to those of the beginning: “I feel emotionally numb”, “I don’t enjoy anything in my life”, “I feel desolate and alone in this world”, “My anxiety levels and stress are through the roof all the time.

7. Imitation of the real

With pornography, sex is used as a substitute for tenderness, intimacy, and love. Sexual activity is no longer a source of connection between the depths of being and the person you love. It becomes a merchandise used to avoid true intimacy and as a mask to connect with others.

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8. Always hungry

Being an addictive substance, it creates an exaggerated appetite for it in the body. That appetite increases over time as more and more hours are spent consuming porn. Time spent on this addiction can jeopardize work, relationships, and interest in healthy hobbies.

9. Increased stimulus

Over time, the pornography that was originally liked becomes common and mainstream, something unattractive. Thus, the stimulus begins to increase by looking at scenes that were previously considered to go too far or were wrong. There is a feeling of increased desire to do things that can damage reputation and human relationships.

10. The raw truth

In the long run, porn is not going to improve an unbalanced ego, it will not fill the void left by childhood wounds or abandonment, it will not save an unstable relationship or a failed marriage, and that is not rewarding at all. In fact, the opposite occurs, the emotions of the past are heightened and the ability to satisfy essential emotional needs is paralyzed; it impairs the ability to have a healthy relationship and leaves the person unable to respond sexually or emotionally to their partner.

_Traducido and adapted to the Spanish by Maia Fernandez of the original 10 toxic side effects of pornography use of Ann Tolley.

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