Kintsugi, Or The Art Of Mending A Broken Heart

I love each of my scars because they tell my story; my wounds and my mistakes have made me the woman that I am.

There is a Japanese art in which ceramic fractures are repaired using resin varnish dusted or mixed with gold, silver or platinum dust. That is, it is the art of fixing what has been broken, with a precious metal that gives it a greater value than the piece originally had. This art is called Kintsugi, which translated means something like “repair with gold.” The philosophy behind this art is that what may seem destroyed or worthless to us can be transformed into something even more beautiful and valuable, capable of inspiring feelings of admiration.

What happens if we transfer this art to our own lives? We may feel that our relationships or our hearts are broken; we may think that our life no longer has any value. So what we have to do is repair our relationships, our hearts, but most of all our lives. We have to look for our resin mixed with gold in each of the corners of our spirit. According to the Kintsugi, the true value of a ceramic object lies in its history. Translated into our lives, this is equivalent to finding our value beyond what can be seen or felt with the naked eye, in everything that we have lived and not only in how battered our hearts feel at some point.

Repair our imperfections with the resin of reconciliation

Every mistake made in our lives has taught us a lesson, it has made us the people we are. If instead of hiding our mistakes, we show our strength by overcoming them, we will be like the small Japanese vessels that, proud of their history, show their imperfections covered with the precious metal of their change.

If you were wrong hurting those you loved, repair your mistakes with the gold of your love, your repentance and the change in behavior that will transform you into a vessel wrapped in reconciliation and of much more value. To do this, the first thing would be to realize that the gold, silver or platinum that we will use to repair our heart, are within ourselves. We all have flaws, but our qualities are more and they have to stand out to highlight our beauty.

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Mending our broken hearts with the renewal of faith and forgiveness

How many times have we been hurt? So many that we have lost faith in people. We no longer believe in friendship, love, in the couple, in marriage. We do not believe that a new lease on life will present itself to us. Ultimately, there are many who have hurt us, and perhaps there are more. However, if we do not give ourselves the opportunity to repair those wounds with the gold dust that is forgiveness, or with the precious metal of hope, perhaps we will let in beings of beautiful spirit, who can bring a change in our lives. . Just because someone has hurt us in the past does not mean that we cannot find valuable people around us.


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So in what way can I mend my heart?

  1. Using the resin of forgiveness.

  2. Creating a gold dust covered with hope, that gives us renewal.

  3. Accepting our imperfections, but trying to overcome them to cover ourselves with the platinum of strength of spirit and adorning ourselves with each of the qualities that we all have.

  4. Allowing people filled with the precious metal of spiritual values ​​to sprinkle our lives with all the love they can give. To do this, it is necessary to learn to recognize the true value of people, cautiously, but open to the opportunity to meet them.

The Japanese art Kintsugi teaches us how to find the true value of people. This value is not in its perfection but precisely in its imperfections; but, above all, in its repair, which together with all its qualities, transforms people into beings worthy of admiration. As Jalil Gibran put it: “The strongest characters are riddled with scars.”

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