Just For Teens: How To Win Your Prince Charming

Growing up does not imply giving up fairy tales, create your own story with a happy ending knowing how to choose your prince.

Since we were little, all the girls make us dream of a prince charming, one who appears in a white steed and saves and frees us from that horrible tower at the top of the Castle. We grow up yearning to have the fortune of being beautiful enough for someone like that to aspire to our hands, our arms, our eyes, our mouths, and much more.

However, in this wish for our marriage to be a fairy tale come true, we make several mistakes in our history. One of them is to confuse the stories and go around kissing toads in the idea that he can become a prince, when the ideal would be to go slowly; put some tests to see if the gentleman is really worthy. For example, a true gentleman will treat you with respect. He will never put you in danger, he will not deny you, he will be interested in you being happy and reaching your full potential.

Beware of false fairy tales

But oh, mistake! There is an age when we discard good prospects, just because their resources are limited. To be fair, ladies, abundant coffers are not only their responsibility. In the real world, we too have an obligation to contribute: it’s about having a consort, not a slave. Things were different in the past, but times have changed: it’s okay to want a fairy tale, but it doesn’t have to be one from the Middle Ages.

Or how about when we become tyrannical and believe that only we have a voice and vote, and we even go around locking the prince on top of our jealousy, our egoism, our insecurities. How difficult it is to keep someone, whether sovereign or simple lackey, by our side with such humor! In one of those, we ended up again in a story, but turned into real witches!

Another unfortunate act of us women in our desire to be princesses is to go through life believing that we are masters of the world and that the rest of us mortals are our subjects. And let me say something: kingdoms are won: nothing falls from the sky except rain. If you want to reign, you must learn to win the favor of those you want to remain by your side throughout your life. The imposition only serves to provoke resentment and whoever uses it is left alone in the long run. History is also full of such examples.

Finally, the essentials for you to start your own story on the right foot: you cannot aspire to a prince if you do not know how to behave like a princess. Nobody will honor you if you do not respect yourself and make them respect you, if you do not know how to be a lady, have values, be fair, loving, shared, partner.

And they lived happily ever after

If you bet everything on simply wearing hair as black as ebony or as blonde as wheat, and skin as smooth as silk and lips as red as carmine, I do not predict that your story will have a happy ending, because just like you you are looking for a prince, they are looking for their princess, one who makes her life one of “they were happily ever after,” and the sad reality is that beauty that is only physical is ephemeral. And as such, time runs out.

  1. That is why your kingdom is your body first, love each part of you as your greatest treasure, because you are your dowry.

  2. Treat everyone you meet with wisdom, respect, and love. The balance and peace of your environment will depend on all of them.

  3. Do not judge only by the physical: happiness is more in what we feel, than in what we see.

  4. Don’t think you don’t deserve your own kingdom of love, remember that no matter where you come from, with each step you create your path.

  5. Don’t put your happiness in the hands of anyone, create your own happiness and share it.

  6. Don’t be afraid to rewrite history. Remember that there are two types of pain, the one that hurts you and the one that helps you evolve. It depends on you which one you give room to in your life.

  7. Nobility also comes from our actions towards others. It is the privilege to which we can aspire to be good people, just, empathetic, loving, willing to do good for our neighbor. Aspire that your acts are always noble.

Happy stories do exist, and they are not just a matter of a kiss, but of many kisses, of a lot of dedication and of creating your own opportunities with effort and sacrifice. Can you imagine if Cinderella had not dared to attend the ball? This is also the case in real life: if you are not willing to venture out and believe that it is possible, you will not succeed. It is impossible to win the lottery, if you don’t buy a ticket!

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