Join Your Family Creating Traditions

In this stressful and changing world, it is comforting to know that we can turn to our families for the support and love we need.

This summer my husband and I have been married for twelve years. Marriage, with its ups and downs, has allowed us to learn and grow, in ways that individually we could never have experienced. Each one of us contributing good traditions from our particular family, where we were raised, as well as, over time, creating new traditions in our own home, has made our family life more interesting and nurtured us as people. One of the good traditions that my husband and I grew up with was celebrating Christmas. We continue to do so and we will continue to celebrate it to pass it on to our children and our posterity. Each family is unique and has different challenges, goals, and circumstances. Parents can bring new traditions; those that best suit their families and help them to be better. Some ideas are as follows:

1. Avoid distractors

Many years before I got married, I decided that one of the things I would ask of the person I got to marry would be that we not have a television. I had heard of very successful people who were raised without a television and I wanted the same for my children. Creating this new tradition in our home has allowed us to have a lot of time together, of great quality, which I highly doubt we would have if we had a television at home. Just last year we bought a television on sale to use as a monitor, but it is interesting that we are never tempted to turn it on and watch a program; We only use it to see a movie that we rent, or to adapt it to the Internet. I grew up with television at home, and yes, we spent many hours watching soap operas and other programs, but that was many years ago, when television programming was healthy and 100% familiar. These days you have to be wary of even commercials looking for the opportunity to present false and vulgar values, so, in effect, I suggest avoiding such distractions in order to have really strong family traditions.

2. In your new family only carry on traditions that are uplifting

That is, if you remember traditions with which you grew up and they do not seem appropriate, such as: the fact that bad words were said at home, or they watched bad movies, or there was no lack of alcohol in each meeting, then you have the power not to continue with those traditions anymore, nor to continue transmitting them from generation to generation.

3. Listen to your whole family

I think it is a very good idea to talk with the couple and the children and, in dialogue with each other, share their opinions of the new traditions that they would like to create in their own family. Perhaps your daughter comments that she really likes that in the morning, before leaving home, her neighbors always say goodbye with a kiss and a hug and she would like to start doing it too. I am sure that your children and husband will surprise you with their ideas.

4. Be willing to accept challenges

Don’t just adopt traditions that are easy, and put aside those that are difficult. Perhaps being able to start exercising and eating more vegetables is a little difficult for one family but easy for another. Working with challenges always makes life more valuable, and certainly what is of value will always require a lot of effort.

The possibilities for creating new and good traditions are limitless. You and your family can achieve much happiness and more togetherness by working together to achieve them.

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