Jesus Told Me That He Would Always Be With Me, And I Believe Him!

He is a unique being that we can always trust. He loves us more than anyone, and is willing to accompany us on the path to happiness.

To be honest, sometimes I have promised things, fervently wanting to make them come true, but I have failed.

I do not confess it with pleasure, but it is the truth. I have also received encouraging and comforting promises, and have seen them broken. And – the truth – I no longer believe so easily those who “want to lower the sun, the moon and the stars”, as they say vulgarly.

However, God is not “an ordinary person.” And best of all, He always keeps His promises.

His love covers me

Loves me you know She loves you too. Delicately and with intensity. He really enjoys being with you. He listens carefully when you speak to him, and he deeply wishes your good.

He doesn’t care if your hair is messy, if your breath smells bad. Nor if you haven’t looked for him for a long time. Your bad behavior saddens him, but it doesn’t violate his great love for you.

How many times have you seen your loved ones suffer and have longed for you to be the one carrying their burden! Jesus has made this come true. The prophet David, referring to Him, affirmed: “They have pierced my hands and my feet, and they can count all my bones ” (Psalms 22:17).

Can you imagine this? More than a man, she looked like a human wreck, and yet she didn’t complain. She gave her life and blood for you. She really loves you! Who has done so much for you? Only Him.

Live life with me

My life is not perfect and I know yours is not either. We suffer, we get sick. They take away our loved ones, and also what we earn with effort. Sometimes we try to get something, and it slips away like sand. We have cried many times, and we have also felt helpless and alone.

All this we have experienced because of the first great gift that He has given us: life. In each breath there is an opportunity to appreciate the privilege of “engraving in our days the weight of the eternal”, as Ada Negry says.

But what if you didn’t exist? Not experiencing the rain, holding the hand of a child, seeing a baby smile, hearing the laugh of a friend, receiving a hug from a loved one, can you imagine? Living already de facto gives us thousands of possibilities, all gifts from a good and generous God.

Not only does he give us the possibilities, but he accompanies us day by day, from the patience that his immense love gives him.

Gives me everything

The greatest gift he could give me, I already have it. I have not had to earn it, but he gave it to me for existing: the possibility of eternal life. Her precious blood has opened the gates of heaven for me.

What worries me today and keeps me awake is important, but His gift is even more so, as we read in the Letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians:

 Because now we see through a mirror, veiled, but then we will see face to face ; now I know in part, but then I will know fully, as I have been known. (1 Cor 13:12).

My heart yearns for it. That is the reason why – despite having love, money, health, and thousands of possibilities – our soul “is thirsty.” Jesus is the only thing that quenches our thirst for eternity, and – if we are faithful – we will live with him for years without end all eternity, thanks to the gift of Grace that Jesus gives us.

Can make me again

He made me, and he keeps me alive. He loves me as I am, but he wants me happy. For that, He can renew me and change my heart. He makes all things new:

So if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, they are made new «. (1 Cor, 5:17)

And he who sits on the throne said: Behold, I am making all things new (Rev 21, 55)

Jesus is with me, and He infects me with His love, compassion and fullness. His presence in my life is always active. Getting close to God changes my heart. It makes me more sensitive to the needs of others, it calms me down and gives me strength.

There is no place, situation or reality in which He does not understand and accompany me, helping me with His serene presence, giving me hope and confidence in His power and complete authority.

Speaks to me patiently

In a song whose message comforts me, the word of a friend, and in scripture, Jesus speaks to me. In my heart, I feel active movements and deep inclinations that warm my moments of anguish and give fulfillment to my joys.

He is always open to dialogue, and just by going within, I open the “channel” that connects me to the entire universe of His love. If i pray frequently and affectionately, I see how the river of grace grows because of His closeness, and I am gaining more and more strength.

I just have to take His hand

There are so many graces that are waiting for me on the great dam of His love! I just need to look for him, open up, wait for him, trust him. God has promised thatwill always be with me. I cannot not believe you, because that we are still here is already convincing proof of that.

Let us encourage ourselves to look at Jesus in every moment that we live during the day and night, so that we can admire the beauty with which the great God of whom we are proudly favorite children fulfills his promises.

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