Jealousy Is Not Always Harmful In A Relationship

You may think that jealousy is always destructive or unhealthy. But if you have ever experienced them, you will agree with the ideas that I present here.

Daniel opened the door and asked the teacher MarĂ­a Luisa if he could enter the classroom and, before the sentence ended, he was already inside asking the teacher to advocate for him with his student Karen, who a day before had given by terminating the relationship because of a misunderstanding produced by … jealousy. It turns out that the young couple had attended a family party, in which a friend of the family had an approach, which Daniel interpreted as flirting, which hours later, he shared with Karen, who without thinking things through, inferred that his The boyfriend had been responsible for provoking or even encouraging this courtship. One may think that this is a mere adolescent affair, except that for them, at that point in their life, those circumstances are the center of their life.

Jealousy is certainly normal and you can experience it in various areas of your life: at work, at school, with your family, friends and, of course, with your partner. It is a normal emotional response that your brain experiences to certain actions.

If you experience jealousy, of course, without reaching excesses of obsession, humiliation or sick actions, you can rest assured: you are within the standard range. But if you still don’t feel completely comfortable with that feeling, whether on your part or that of your partner, I share some positive aspects that you can find in them:

1. Increase your self-esteem

I reiterate … as long as jealousy is not excessive, it can become a kind of motivation towards the couple. Especially in relationships that have been going on for years and where there is a danger of losing that appreciation for the other.

Is it normal to feel jealous?

2. Strength to improve

For many people this emotional response is synonymous with weakness. Except that this feeling can also become a force that drives you to want to do things in a better way. Jealousy can also motivate you to grow intellectually, to exercise, to take care of your physical and mental appearance, in short … anything that attracts your partner.

3. Improve intimate relationship

Although it seems strange, this is common mainly in men. Remember that most of them do not have the ability to show their emotions. However, when they notice that someone directs a flirtatious look or attitude towards their partner, this gets them to stimulate them more intimately and, with it, to value who they have by their side.

All emotions can be beneficial for you, as long as you focus them in the most appropriate way to positive things. It is only a matter of finding that “good” side of it and doing your part to strengthen yourself first as a person and then your partner. If you do this, I assure you that in your relationship there will always be mutual growth in all aspects. If you want to read more about this topic, I suggest you read these articles.

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