It Is Time For You To Start The Fight For Your Emotional Independence

Jesus Christ said it a long time ago: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” In other words, to love someone else, you must start by loving yourself.

The conquests for the freedom of the peoples fill the history books. They are a celebration worth remembering year after year, so that the people do not forget that they have every right to be free and autonomous.

In the same way, the struggle for the independence of each human being in the face of what oppresses him must be promoted and celebrated. No one has the right to impose their thoughts on those of another human being, even if it is your own partner who does. In your war of independence, the only hero is you and the battles will be in the field of your life, and although the risk is great, the victory will be sweet in the end. Now, what are the seven battles you have to win? Here I list them

1. Identify the love of your life

If they ask you who has been the love of your life, what would your answer be? Some time ago I read a book entitled: “The love of your life”, and the answer to this question is there. The love of your life is yourself. In the fight for your emotional independence, the first step is to conquer your self-love. Once that battle has been won, the others will come, but the most important one will have been conquered.

2. Find out how much you are worth

Find out how much you are worth. If you do not value yourself, it is very likely that whoever is with you will not either. When you know your own worth, you look for the same in the people around you.

3. Find someone who deserves to be loved

Once you know how much you love yourself and what you are worth, then look for the person who deserves to be loved as you love yourself, and who knows how to correspond with a love as deep as the one you just conquered. Accept no less, your self-love is enough to make you feel good. If someone else wants to love you in the same way, accept it; If not, keep looking, even if the battle lasts a lifetime.

4. Find a balance in your affective relationships

Analyze your affective relationships, in what proportion do you give and in what proportion do you receive? Perhaps it is time to tip the scales and strike a balance. This battle will be slow, it is not easy to change what has been happening for years, but small advances will be the indication of your next victory. With patience and strength combined, you will go step by step, conquering that freedom that you yourself allowed them to restrict.

5. Be proactive

What you don’t do for yourself, no one else will do for you. Don’t expect someone else to become your deliverer. The weapons are inside you, you just need to discover them. Learn to be self-reliant in every way.

6. Learn when to retire

It is important to master the control of emotions, nobody can make you feel sad, angry, minimized if you do not allow it yourself. Take what you want, what serves you from people and let the rest go. If it’s too much then walk away, sometimes the best battles are won by retreating.

7. Don’t live in the past

Free yourself from the past. The way you lived, or what has surrounded you, determines the way you have to live today. It is you who chooses who you need in your life. The past must remain in its rightful place, in your memories. Nothing and no one can change it, but you can build your future.

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Conquering your emotional independence will not be easy, but what struggle is? It is time for you to face your fears and insecurities and begin the most important of all struggles in your life: your own battle for independence.

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