“it Is Better To Be An Atheist Than To Live Like A Hypocrite,” Says The Pope

Double standards and double standards seem to be commonplace in our society today.

“Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, that is, their hypocrisy.

Because there is no secret that will not be discovered, and nothing hidden that will not be known.

Therefore, everything that you have said in the dark will be heard in the light of day; and what they have said in secret and behind closed doors will be shouted from the roofs of the houses ”.

(Luke 12:12)

Hypocrisy is the act of stating something with complete conviction, then doing something completely different. We all know someone like that. And there are certainly people who carry hypocrisy as a banner.

The word itself, in its origin etymologicalrefers to the verb “to act” or “to pretend”. That is, pretending to be someone who is not really. A hypocritical person, according to the current conception, is someone who does not tell the truth, who lies or who appears to be who he is not, to achieve some kind of benefit.

“It is better to be an atheist”

He Pope Franciscohe said in one of his general audiences at the Vatican that “it is better to be an atheist than to be a hypocrite .” What the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church meant is that there are many people who tear their clothes for the needy, imploring God, but indoors they have an impure heart.

How often do we see the scandals of these people who go to church and are there every day, and then lead a life where they hate others or speak ill of other people? «, Said the Pope, controversial.

Hypocrisy as common currency

What Francisco says is what many of us think. Hundreds of people go to Church, speak well of God, help only when that help is seen by others, and they always seek a benefit in return; be this recognition, fame or something else.

Hypocrisy is commonplace. Many people, whatever their religion, also use hypocrisy as a weapon against feelings such as fear or shame. It is also a form of cowardice, because it means not knowing how to say things up front or not being able to face your own feelings.

Corrupt politicians are also another great example of hypocrisy, as they promise to strive to save society, help those in need, and improve the standard of living of citizens, but they only line their pockets at the expense of the misery of others.

The ruse of hypocritical people

“The teachers of the law and the Pharisees have been in charge of interpreting the law of Moses. Obey them, then, and do what they tell you; but do not imitate their behavior, because they themselves do not do what they teach “says Jesus (Matthew 23: 2,3)

For a person who is handled with total falsehood and folly between what is said and what is done, perhaps the path of truth is rough and difficult to traverse, but not impossible. I don’t want to sound utopian but I believe in humanity and the noble origin of people’s hearts. Therefore, I think that a hypocrite can stop being a hypocrite, if he cleanses his heart of deceptions and lies to themselves.

According to the experts,people who lie do so because of low self-esteem, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, fear of rejection, shame, fear of punishment and criticism. In many cases, one person lies to manipulate the other.

A hypocrite is someone who lies to himself and others. They go to church, they give alms on the way out, but they close the door of their house to a mother who asks for food for his son. They say they love their children and their family, but abuse indoors is unavoidable.

Loving God is loving our brothers

When we say that we love God, we love those around us. When we say that God is the greatest and that it is He who guides our lives, we are saying that we love humanity and fight for the good of it.

The true transformation of a hypocritical person is to recognize that his sayings are far from the truth that exists in his mind and in his heart. Therefore, this transformation must consist of cleansing the heart and thoughts and giving way to sincerity with oneself and with others.

Signs of hypocrisy

You may be being hypocritical if you often have attitudes like these:

You like to talk about others

You always criticize others, or those you consider to be better than you

You help only if you can get something in return

You help only if someone can see it

You say one thing but you do the other

You don’t recognize the hypocrisy in you


Sincerity with yourself

We are not perfect, and in our attempt to repudiate insane or painful acts, we sin as hypocrites. Many times we realize it, and we seek to remedy it. This is the truedecostructionof the human being; that is, in highlighting the flaws and contradictions of our own discourse.

Go back to the axis, be honest, follow our heart. Stop hanging around with falsehoods and lies. When we do this, life seems lighter and easier to carry. Lightening the burden of the heavy backpack of hypocrisy that we carry daily can give us great satisfaction.

Receive the love of God in your heart. Forgive yourself and accept your mistakes. Only then can you start a new path, where falsehoods and double talk are left behind.

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