It Is Always The Wife’s Fault

If they tell you that a marriage ended because of infidelity, what is the first thing you think? Who is the real culprit in this situation?

Every time we hear about infidelity, two situations cross our mind: a man pushed into the arms of another woman due to the lack of care from his wife, or a seductive woman who needs the attention of other men to continue in her marriage . But what about women who are neglected by their husband and end up finding love in someone else? Or, what about those men whose libido has prompted them to seek a third party in the relationship?

Whose fault is it?

I know the case of a wonderful woman: pronounced curves, an excellent mother, concerned about her husband and those women who seek to please their partner in every way. But even so, he sought out another woman and left her with her children. This case does not coincide with any of the explanations that were raised at the beginning: she never left her husband aside, she always prioritized his wishes before her own and in the sexual sphere, she never gave him no for an answer.

Another situation is that of a woman who was able to change her stable relationship for a man who filled her with adventure and ecstasy on a daily basis. She was always cared for by her partner, sentimentally, financially and sexually, but she also decided to be unfaithful. Whose fault is it? From the boyfriend who gave her stability, from the new adventurous partner or from her for looking to the side?

When living in a macho society, it is very common that we hear that the fault lies with the wife, always. Either because she has been neglected in the physical aspect and her husband has stopped wanting her, or because he has not complied with his wishes. Another reason we hear frequently is that she became so frivolous that her poor husband found himself in the need to find another woman, who would give him the affection that she denied him. But if we think about it, no matter how many different cases we review, there will always be a coincidence: both are guilty.

Now, do you want to prevent your relationship from also being poisoned by betrayal and infidelity? Read on, detect symptoms early and work on the solution, before the problem occurs:

1. Routine kills

When the relationship becomes routine, it is very likely that one of the two will seek an “adventure” to break with the everyday. But it is not necessary to “have someone else” to avoid the routine: have a dating, do something fun, daring, erotic, do not let monotony be the culprit of your separation.

2. Keep it romantic

Do not let being with your partner day to day inhibit romanticism: the details are what feed love and allow you to maintain a long-term relationship.

3. Jealousy is not normal

Jealousy is synonymous with insecurity, both our own and in relation to the person we have by our side. The lack of security makes us able to see mysteries where they do not exist and everything can be misinterpreted. Take care that “loving” jealousy does not become “obsessive” jealousy.

4. If love is over, it is always possible to get it back

Now, if the risk of infidelity is linked to the fact that there is no longer love between you, it can flourish again. Many couples use their children as an excuse for not ending their relationship, but the only thing they achieve is that everyone involved is harmed. It is not about making life a constant torment. If there is no love left, both of you determine if and how to keep fighting is worth it. Marriage will never be a lost cause.

Infidelity in any relationship produces an almost irreparable breakdown, but if we are able to detect the symptoms in time, then we have all the tools in our hands to prevent this nauseating disease from entering our relationship.

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