Is Your Husband Depressed? Symptoms And How To Tell If You Have A Problem That Can Help

Everyone has the right to feel sad or irritable for many reasons: a bad day at work or school

Everyone has the right to feel sad or irritable for many reasons: a bad day at work or school, a project did not go as expected or they gave you bad news that ruined your day but this is usually momentary and can last for a while. reasonable time; However, if this type of situation lasts for a considerable period, then it could be called depression.

It is generally thought that depression occurs only in women due to a hormonal situation, but this is a lie, since men also suffer from it. The National Institute of Mental Health of the United States, gives some keys to be able to recognize it, so review them and you could find an explanation for that change of mood and mood that your husband has, check them and see if he is a depressed person.

How to identify it?

It generally manifests itself through the following symptoms:

  1. Very opposite feelings; on the one hand, sometimes very sad or even hopeless and at other times in a very bad mood, irritable and even anxious. It can go from one to another without a logical cause.

  2. Lack of interest in things that previously motivated you: work, family, hanging out with friends; even, disinterest in sexual relations and intimate moments as a couple.

  3. He complains all the time of feeling too tired or too lazy to do things.

  4. Either of the following two extremes: lack of hunger or insatiable desire to eat. Also, trouble sleeping or wanting to sleep as long as possible.

  5. When he talks to you, he makes his wishes to die or commit suicide very clear to you.

  6. Some physical problems such as: constant headaches, complaining of an upset stomach or feeling like an upset stomach.

If more than half of those signs that we have just shown you are fulfilled in your husband, be careful! You must not take it lightly and treat him as it should be.

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So what is to be done?

The first and most important thing is that it is channeled with a professional; psychologist or therapist so that you can talk with him and do a more in-depth study to determine if it really is an episode of depression. Once you identify it, you can assign a specific treatment that can range from antidepressants (medications) or only therapy so that you can leave behind that episode that is doing you no good.

What can you do to help him?

It’s a matter of being a bit assertive, here are some recommendations that you could take into account:

  1. Listen carefully to everything he wants to say to you. If he expresses you that he feels sad, always offer your support and let him know that you are with him, never forget to encourage him to move forward.

  2. If he is already in treatment, remind him in a subtle way that he must attend his therapies to leave that episode behind.

  3. If your comments come up with topics such as suicide or dying, be sure to discuss it with your therapist so that they keep it in mind.

  4. Ask him out! To go for a walk, to do some fun activity, or something he likes. Most likely, at first he will say no, if so, do not force him, respect him! But yes, when a relevant time passes, do it again.

  5. Remind him that it is temporary, that as the days go by, he will feel better.

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