Is Your Husband A True Stranger? Discover The Signs That Tell You That There Are Things You Do Not Know About Him

Don’t let this end your marriage.

Despite believing that you know your partner perfectly before you get married, you are wrong, every day you will learn new things. Being married is realizing that the person you promised to be with for the rest of your life is a mystery, there will always be things you don’t know.

Surely, throughout your marriage, you have been surprised by the things you get to know about him, stories from his childhood, ways in which he was raised, the mistakes of the past, ways in which he overcame failures, the way in which he studied or one day he defended himself from bullying and so on.

Just the daily coexistence reminds you that your husband is a true stranger. As an example: my husband always leaves his clothes lying on the floor, which he always asked him, Didn’t your mother teach you to hang up your uniform after school? These are details that we are learning throughout the relationship.

You will never finish knowing your partner and for that reason your relationship will not go directly to failure, on the contrary, falling in love is about yearning to know more about someone, to understand certain behaviors and attitudes, and thus meet the needs of your loved one.

According to the Mexican Association for Sexual Health, emotional ties build love, therefore, it is important to improve communication in marriage.

What benefits will you have when you know your partner well?

1. Comprehension

You will be able to identify their moments of weakness, you will know really painful and intimate experiences that will make you understand and empathize. For example: the loss of a parent or loved one. When your partner tells you about their weaknesses, it will cause your relationship to strengthen, creating indestructible bonds, of which you will take care of them so that they never break.

2. Friendship

You will get to know their life experiences, which can help you to explain some behaviors or attitudes. They will also help you as a guide or to share your own experiences, so they will find many things in common, which will reinforce friendship, trust and love in the relationship.

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3. Meet your needs

The basis of marriages is that both throughout the relationship meet their mutual needs, both emotional and physical. When you meet your partner, you can focus on meeting their needs, which will lead to strengthen love. For example: you can identify when is the appropriate time to talk to him, or when your partner needs a hug or to be alone.

4. You will find unconditional support

Like him, you too need guidance, love, protection and security. When you meet your partner you will feel unconditional support, you will know that at all times you can count on their help, strengthening your confidence and security.

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How to do it?

Coexistence, the game of questions and answers, challenges, goals, communication, living new experiences and getting out of the routine, are some tools to know something different every day. Remember your partner may be a stranger, however, every day you will learn something fascinating that can be the key to having a successful and happy marriage.

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